by Mats Nyberg

Some info about Manual Giros Soriano Outboard engine??
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OSSA motorcycles

OSSA = Orpheo Sincronic Sociedad Anónima
OSSA started out as a manufacturer of filmprojectors

Ossa classified Page Buy Sell Trade....

OSSA Reproparts,a list of available repro parts for OSSA. Please help me to complete the list.

OSSA Ossita 50

Test riding the OSSITA 50


Michel Clerenbeek, a Swede living in Madrid. This OSSA is his daily transport

(Tell me if it doesn't work)


Lots of people ask me about where to get parts. Do you know, please tell me.
Feel free to send me info that I can have on this page 

Västmanland Runt 2012

2011 I finally had my OSSA Prepared for the Västmanland Runt Vintage Enduro in Surahammar.


The latest bike to my collection, an OSSA OSSITA 50.
A gift from members of the OSSAmotocycles group at Yahoo! (Thank you, Jeff Nolen)
Read about it!


Here is a 1977 350 trial, I bought in march 2003 for my son, William. (Say it  is for the kids!)
Frame number: B580918
For sure it will keep him away from drugs and booze. (So I told my wife)
More pictures of it!

Frame number B 252 402, engine number M-252 402. Listen to my slipping clutch!!
This is my OSSA I bought it 1974 and I used it a lot during the late70´s. Even touring trips to Spain and Iceland (unfinished story)
I use it only once a year on my vacation in the deep forests of northern Sweden.

Pictures and links, articles and info.

Other OSSA fans on this site

  1. Ossa riding stories by Bob Barker
  2. Road Racing OSSA by Gaylord Boutilier
  3. Lee Barnes an ex. OSSA owner
  4. Wes Baker250MAR Mike Benson 350MAR California U.S.
  5. ErikOlson, son of the original importer
  6. PaulBrennan British Columbia Canada owner of a OSSA Plonker 1970.
  7. JohnLaurent knows were to get parts in the USA.
  8. CarlosSoler Lopez knows a shop in Spain that sells parts
  9. Richard Hinely Savannah, Georgia owns a 70s OSSA 250 MAR
  10. KeithLynas San Diego California has lots of parts and owns 90 OSSAs. Mats in Keith Lynas OSSA heaven
  11. GarryBrennan Pioneer and Stiletto owner, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
  12. David Klear, Leadville, Colorado, USA have about 30 motorcycles 20 Buls,5 Ossas.
  13. Terry Wilkison, Indiana, USA Recently i bought a 74 250cc OSSA Phantom .
  14. Paul Rostic, Canada knows how to race prep. and have parts and an genuine ISDT bikefor sale.
  15. VerneElmore, So California USA, owns 7 complete OSSAs, involved in vintageMX-racing.
  16. Dale Hoyt, an ex OSSA rider.(Race pictures)
  17. Don LaRue, Muscatine Iowa, USA owns 4 OSSAs involved in vintage racing.
  18. Guy Peace,Derby, England involved in vintage club trial. Chairman of his club is Mick Andrews himself!
  19. Keith Gray, Kennesaw, Georgia, USA the original owner of a 1971 Pioneer. A true love affair!
    The Bike is now restored!! November 2012!
  20. Lew Davis, Stillwater Oklahoma,USA, owner of 2 Six Days Replicas.
  21. Ron Brown, Newark New York,1973 SDR replica, picture of his friend Buzz McMillian.
  22. Jeff de Bell , Oveland Park, KS USA, 1974 SDR replica, knows a lot about the SDR history.
  23. Jeff Schroeders , St Louis MO, USA , 1978 6 days, SDR, 1971 Pioneer .
  24. W J. Powers ,  Rhode Island USA, help him to identify his OSSA.
  25. David Richardson,  Leavenworth, Kansas, USA. Phantom nut and 125 lover.
  26. Carlos Latorre, Lleida, Spain, look at this beautiful racer!
  27. Phil Ashmore, Ontario, Canada 1972 MAR (picture).
  28. Bruce Langdon, Fayetteville North Carolina, USA 1972 MAR which he bought new.
  29. Steve Metz, Washington DC, USA 1971 Ossa Pioneer.
  30. Philippe Steck, Switzerland some nice OSSA pictures.
  31. Dwight Rudder, Jackson Ms, USA, 7 time ISDT/E medalist.
  32. Jeremy Sharam, U.K. rebuilding a Plonker.
  33. Joan Carles Orengo, Barcelona Spain beautiful pictures of a beautiful TR 80.
  34. Keith Hovvels, Newcastle, England. 1973 OSSA PHANTOM MX used in vintage MX.
  35. Miguel Barella, S. Paul, Brazil. Manuel Giró was his uncle!! Lots of pictures!!
  36. Luis M Lozano, Galicia, Spain 125-C Ossa (1963).
  37. Terry Gates, Atlanta, GA, USA, racing a 1970 Stilletto
  38. Xavier Bartoletti, Montpellier, France MAR, restoring trial bikes
  39. Neil Haslam, Derbyshire, England, 230 sport road racer.
  40. Dave Springate, Deal, England, restoring a MAR
  41. Mike Starks, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA 1974 Phantom
  42. Rob Hollister, South Africa, 1974 MAR and several other intresting bikes.
  43. Leland Loper, Billings, Montana, USA owns 30 Ossas and Races in the AHRMA series.
  44. Llorenç Gorgues, Barcelona, Spain, 1972 Enduro
  45. Doug McMahon,  New Port Richey, Florida, USA. Owns 26-28 Ossas.
  46. CJ Benenati, Kinderhook, New York, USA
  47. Francesc Mengual, Spain, "Negrita" 125 and OSSA Urbe!!.
  48. Alberto de Gijón, Asturias, Spain. OSSA 175 cuatro tiempos fabricada en 1962.
  49. Peter Radall, Wivenhoe, near Colchester in Essex, England. MAR
  50. Martin Bush, Bournemouth, England. 1973 MAR.
  51. David Wood, England, MAR with a aluminium tank.
  52. Vance Eaton, Bolger supension OSSA
  53. Karl Heise, Whitlock framed OSSA
  54. Guido Bissattini, Italy, 1978 TR77 350
  55. Guillermo Llibre, Barcelona, Spain. 1969 250 (In Spanish)
  56. John Leone, Wakefield, Massachusetts, USA. A former OSSA racer
  57. Craig Cove, a former OSSA TT racer
  58. Ross Foreman, Western Australia. Building a road racer.
  59. Murray Grant, Perth, Western Australia. Owns several OSSA. Pics of a 1969 Stiletto.
  60. Scott Thompson, Canberra, Australia. Never had an OSSA. Looking for one.
  61. (Ossa) Bill Saylor, Round Rock, Texas, USA. Bringing his 30 year old Stilleto back to life.
  62. Jim Evans, New Columbus, Pennsylvania, USA. After 28 years, another OSSA.
  63. Jorge Palomar, Spain. Grandson of Manuel Giro. Pictures from the family album.
  64. Lee Allison, Bryson City, North Carolina, USA. Still racing OSSA.
  65. Giovanni Dughera, Italy. Chairman of Club OSSA Italia. Owns several OSSAs.
  66. Skip Tirdell, Mohnton, Pennsylvania, USA. Owns 11 trial bikes.
  67. Chris Walker, Berkshire, England. A restored 1971 Pioneer.
  68. Harald Morgalla, Velbert, Germany. A Terence Hill "Watch out we're mad" SDR replica.
  69. Laurent Tremblay, France. 125 Phantom and a Super Pioneer.
  70. Stephen Firlotte, Bognor Regis, England. 1974 MAR.
  71. Pascal Bouyrat, France. Water Cooled Yankee 500!
  72. Polo Aledo, Spain. MAR.
  73. Norman Worthington, Northern Ireland. 1972 MAR.
  74. Jerry Baljeu, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. OSSA importer for Eastern Canada in the 70's.
  75. Tony Millwood, Canberra, Australia. 1972 MAR.
  76. Artur Kowitz, Daytona Beach, USA. A former OSSA dealer that used t o race the Wildfire.
  77. Eugeni Tiana, Barcelona, Spain. MAR and a Phantom.
  78. Tom Bailey, Nyack, NY, USA. Former editor of bike magazines in the 70's.
  79. Manuel Bonnín, Mallorca, Spain. Pictures of his friends collections. Dirt Track Prototype from 1981!!
  80. Craig Parkinson, USA. Racing a 1974 Phantom. Pictures from Vintage  Iron  World  Championships  at Glen Helen  racetrack.
  81. Harald Kurzer ,Rauenberg, Germany has rebuilt a 160T.
  82. Jack Walter, Roswell, GA, USA. Used to have 14 OSSAs including a 180kph Wildfire. (Verified by the police)
  83. Steve Reed, Kanata, Ontario, Canada. A beautiful Stilleto roadracer.
  84. Vaughan & Scott Thompson, Durham, England.Restoring a TR 350.
  85. Joshua Hutterer, Pittsburg, PA, USA. Has got lots of parts for sale.
  86. Emilio Carra, Italy, have built a Ossita MAR and the Pata Negra!.
  87. Steve Poggi, California, USA. ST-1 short tracker. Steve is an ex racer.
  88. Rod Murufas, California, USA. An ex champion road racer.
  89. R. Hoover, Pittsburg , PA, USA. Just finished restoring a Bolger Phantom
  90. John Robertson, Hove, UK. Cheney framed cantilever OSSA




Please send info about spareparts if you know.
Ossa classified Page Buy Sell Trade....


Alex Snoop. 

Ossa parts and service available.

Pictures from his shop

Phone number: US (845)783-3557.  I was an OSSA Dealer from 1969 to 1981. I live in Monroe, N.Y. I have complete engine service available and a lot of parts. I did some Flat Track racing for a while. When I quit racing , I was looking for something to do to keep busy so I started to work on OSSA's again. I'm having a lot of fun and doing a lot of trail riding. 
Alex Snoop 


Hogans Cycle Shop 

1782 Main St. 
Agawam, Mass. 
phone: 01001 (413)786- 9170 
fax: (413) 786-7285
He says he has the largest 
inventory in the USA


Keith Lynas San Diego California

Complete engine service, for Ossa and Yankee
including complete in-house machine-shop service, and new hi-tech improvements, for performance and reliability available continuously since 1972.
I have a huge inventory of n.o.s. OSSA parts (largest in the U.S.) Let me know what you need and I should be able to produce them for you.
A list of available parts
Visit his web-site.

Joe Bilazzo Nesco Dirt Works

 I have one of the largest Ossa inventories in the US and I have sold the motors and motor parts to Joe Bilazzo Nesco Dirt Works 609 513 8205
Joe enjoys and respects the Ossa marque. Joe rebuilds Ossa engines at reasonable cost using Made in Spain parts.
Karl Heise.



Ronald "OSSAMAN" Bors

OSSA motorcycles, parts, literature, memorabilia.

"I have been dealing in OSSA parts for 20 years, and have an extensive supply of parts, mostly new, some used.
My specialty is getting the CORRECT part to you on the first try, and I package everything carefully.
I can ship both United Parcel Service (UPS), and U.S. Postal Service, usually same day as your payment.
Prices are in US dollars, and do not include shipping.
I now accept PAYPAL.
More info!!

Ronald "OSSAMAN" Bors
121 Texas Lane
Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone: (607) 257-5640


Vintage Performance Motorcycles and Rubber Products

We have a product line of 54 items. The complete line of Vintage and Evolution for Husky . 26 Bultaco items as well as some Honda, Can Am, Kawasaki, Yamaha and 8 OSSA items.

Specificially for OSSA:

  1. Headlight Straps for M.A.R and Super Pioneer  ( With OSSA Engraving as Orig)
  2. Betor Fork Wipers ( However they are 1\4" longer as on Bultaco )
  3. Phantom Carb to Airbox Boot
  4. Petcock Rebuild Kits for cast alum. petcocks.
  5. M.A.R. Taillight Support
  6. Betor Rear Shock Seals
  7. M.A.R. Speedometer Holding Strap
  8. 6" long OSSA Keychain ( with OSSA engraving )
Flyers available on request...

John Rodis
owner Vintage Performance
Phone:  603-692-2226  est before 9 pm



This guy has got about 100 OSSAs and all the parts you can think of. Speaks no english but can manage in French.

23006 JAEN

TLF. Y FAX: 953-271361
PARTICULAR: 953-223962
MOVIL: 647627866


Spare parts catalog, micro films

V.P. Engineering
3025 Justin Drive
IA 50322
phone: 515-402-8000



makes some fibreglass parts for OSSA´s.
 I restore vintage mx and enduro motorcycles for a hobby. 
The picture is of me on my 1969 Honda CL 
175 Scrambler. 
All gas tanks are made of vinyl ester resin for chemical resistance to gasoline. Fenders and side plates are made of iso-flex or DCPD resins, no low grade ortho resins are used. All parts are made with iso-flex gel coats to reduce cracking. 
Roger Paul Moreau


Tank badges:
I have reproduced the OSSA badges (Blk/Chrome) in a thick style badge that can be screwed and stuck on the tank.  They look very good.  They retail for $30 a pair and dealer price breaks are available. 
Daryl Back email:

European Dirt 

521 Main St. 
Silt, CO  81652-0111
(970)876-5277  Phone/FAX


Tank badges:

I had them printed using the original ones as patterns. They fit all the old tanks and I have also the top ones done, I mean the small badge "250" and "enduro" or "trial" silver on red. I'll supply the set for
Giovanni Dughera email:


Casa Calleja 

Embajadores, 59 
MADRID 28012 
Telephone: 5276703 


Sammy Miller Motorcycles

The legendary Sammy Miller himself. 
He has got some parts for OSSA mainly for the Mick Andrews replica

Bashley Cross Road 
New Milton 
Hampshire BH25 5SZ 



16 Pleasance Way 
New Milton 
BH25 6TD 
United Kingdom 

Tel/Fax: 01425 611287 
mobile: 0860 225944 

Jeff Bungay 


Taller YAGÜE, OSSA repair in spain



Spanish Motorcycle Register

Reprodution parts


"Near the frontier whith France in La Redorte near Carcassonne in the south of France a dealer specialized in spanish bike called "Made in Spain". His name is Jean Claude Sanz a lot of parts for  Bultaco, Montesa and Ossa of course."

Made in Spain

Avenue de la gare
11700 La Redorte

phone:+ 04 68 91 60 88


"We have all the parts you can imagine for Bultaco (we are specialised in !) but even Ossa, Montesa, etc !!!"
 Pierre Escuyer

Trial et Tout-Terrain CLASSIC

53, rue Roger Salengro
51100 REIMS 
phone : 03 26 09 28 85
fax : 03 26 87 47 09
Portable : 06 08 31 15 65
email :


PAYA (Paya Motocicletes, S.L.)
C/ Batista i Roca 21
Pol. Industrial Pla d'en Boet
08302 Mataró (Barcelona)
phone: 93-7415930, 93-7415931
fax: 93-7415933

Quico Payá was factory pilot of Ossa (trial), he was a very good pilot.


Lube was a spanish bike that was very popular in the 50's. We founded the club for all the owners of Lube bikes.
I've been working in the bike world for all my life, that's why I've collected a lot of bikes and all kind of spare parts, not just for Lube, but also for Ossa, Montesa, Bultaco, Ducati and other spanish bikes.
Club name:
Agrupación amigos de las motocicletas españolas-Lube
08003 Barcelona
phone: +34-626 034 796

Spain: (Moved from England)

Bradford Ignition Services

My name is Steve and I have been repairing  Motoplat Ignition systems for the last 10 years
We can repair all Motoplat Ignition Stators if they are not mechanically damaged.
We also can supply new top H.T. coils.

Steve Hardaker.


OSSA Engineering

Parts and service


Club Ossa France 

21, rue du Dr Naudin 
71350 St Loup de la salle 
Phone : 03 85 49 43 17



 5 rue du Moulin
Contact: Gilles Rabergeau
 Téléphone : 0130392781
 Email : 

Arrivé professionnellement depuis quelques années dans le petit monde du " trial à l'ancienne " , l'Atelier Passion Trial Classic, est désormais une structure qui a fait ses preuves, et qui est en mesure de vous proposer de nombreuses solutions susceptibles de répondre aux questions que vous vous posez, que ce soit dans le choix, la réparation, la restauration, ou l'amélioration de la machine que vous possédez déjà, ou de celle qui vous fait réver.

N'hésitez pas à nous contacter...


CCEdesign (Seat Covers)

I make seat covers for many spanish bikes. 
My seat covers have the engraving design exactly like the original items and the model Ossa M.A.R. and Enduro also have  the metal stripes on the sides. 
I can do every new model on request having a good sample and a minimum number of 30 pcs. 

NEW! A replica of the MAR silencer

Price list to show all the models I have in production. 

Emilio CARRA


Check out Doug Elkes Ebay shop.
Lots of nice repro parts


Manuals that I have got:

If you are intrested I can scan pages or copy them for you. 

Clymer 125-250 singles 1971-1973
Online version
The Wiring Diagram
If you you want the manual in ZIP format for easy viewing  locally send a mail to me: Mats Nyberg

A works manual for 230 and 250cc motorcycles 4-speed ONLINE
webified by Mats Nyberg 
If you you want the manual in ZIP format for easy viewing  locally send a mail to me: MatsNyberg

OSSA works manual online
by Paul Dean
webified by: Bruce Langdon
If you you want the manual in ZIP format for easy viewing  locally send a mail to 
me: MatsNyberg
This manual has been translate to Spanish by Polo Aledo.
If you want to buy a printed copy from Polo send me an email: Spanish OSSA Manual

Owners manual 1971 Stiletto, Pioneer, T.T

Hop Up Special!!

Convert you Stiletto MX into a TT. Tuning specs from YANKEE Corp. (1972)

If you want to  download the PDF-file send me an email: Tuning specs. wanted!


Books, Posters 


This book covers all post-war street and road racing bikes 1945-1985. No dirt bikes. It has a 25 pages section only about OSSA. 

Author : Mick Walker 
ISBN: 0-85045-705-X
Publisher: Osprey Publishng Ltd.
Read the OSSA section.
OSSA del cinematografo a la motocicleta
Author: Francisco Herreros 
Publisher: Moto Retro 
ISBN : 84-920080-6-7 
233 pages and lots of pictures. The publisher can be reached at 
Tel/Fax: + 34 93 225 04 14.

"Clymer Vintage Dirt Bikes" 
One third of the book covers Ossa 125-250cc singles from 1971-1978. 
ISBN: 0-89287-573-9. 

 OSSA discussions and questions.


In Spanish. This is a collectors bible. 208 pages. History and description of all models, frame numbers, absolutely everthing you want to know.

Author : Maurizio Gaudenzi
ISBN: 84-931328-2-3
Publisher: Industrias Gráficas Omnia, S.A

Responsible for the OSSA site: Mats Nyberg, Järfälla, Sweden
E-Mail adress: