Terry Gates, Atlanta GA USA 

 Hi, I'm Terry Gates and have been an OSSA fan and collector for the past 5 years in earnest.
 I raced motocross since 1972 through 1990.  Quit when the jumps got too big!!  Rediscovered vintage racing in 1995 and been hooked since.  I have been "won over" by OSSA and their great appearance and fantastic performance.

 I have 15 OSSAs and a Yankee 500 Z currently. I love my 1970 two Stiletto 250, 4 speeds best, they look great and can beat anything of their vintage.  I have won 4 AHRMA vintage MX championships in Classic 250 on  the Stiletto.  I also race fast Phantoms and have some Desert Phantom, GPII, GPIII, and a 175 road racer.

 I love to share information and will help anyone needing pointers.  I have some great contacts and the US engine builders (Ketih Lynas, Alex Snoop, Lee
 Matthews, etc) are good to deal with and know a LOT of OSSA information.
 I also know good fiberglass guys....Well, feel free to e-mail me or look me up
 Maybe see you at road races or vintage MX on my fast OSSAs!!

 Ciao  - Terry

Terry Gates, Atlanta,  GA, USA
email: ossaracer@yahoo.com

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