The 1000cc OSSA (BYRA)

This OSSA prototype was entered in the 1972 Barcelona 24-hour race. The engine was built of two 488cc OSSA YANKEE twins fitted togehter.

Here is a  picture  os  the  OSSA  BYRA  1000  built  in  Barcelona  by  the engineer  Fernando  Batlló  (  who  also  built  a  three  cylinder 525 cc before
that).  The  bike  raced  in  the  24hrs  of  Montjuich  in  1972  but  crashed.
The engine  gives  115  HP  and  the  top  speed  is  240  km/h  (not  bad  for 1972???!!!).  The  bike  can  be  seen  nowadays  in  the  motorcycle  museum
of Bassella,  on  the  road  to  Andorra  from  Ponts,  Lleida,  Spain.

David Gallego eamil:
"  Known  as  the  "Ossa  Mayor"  ("The  big  Bear"),  this  bike  is  one of  the  most  charismatic  in  the  history  of  Spanish  motorcycles,  and masterpiece  from  the  engineer  Fernando  Batlló.
 Starting  from  the  base of a Yankee  engine,  to  which  he  added  two  extra  cylinders,  one  either side, making  it  to  a  977  cc.  four  cylinders.  Driven  by  his  sons,  Jesus 
and Javier,  the  bike  showed  great  potential,  after  electrical  problems  were solved  first  and  traction  (transmission  of  power  to  the  ground) afterwards.
 The  frame  was  inspired  on  the  Yankee  one  due  to  the 
almost 100HP  delivered." 

Personal  note:  I  have  read  that  with  cylinders  from  a  Phantom  and special  exhausts  the  bike  delivered  115  HP. 

email from: Francesc Mengual Barcelona email:

The OSSA 1000 was designed and built by the brothers Batlló, friends of OSSA first enginer Mr. Giró (his son Carlos race in 125 cc GP just 1995) with his colaboration. This bike was not named OSSA, but "BYRA 1000". I remember one of Batlló brothers, riding the BYRA in the streets of Barcelona.
The BYRA was build with a frame of YANKEE SCRAMBLER (first version built only for USA, type trail, color silver, with double cuna frame) and a twin engine . For street, the exhaust pipe are four of Sport 250
Only one bike was build. At these time, in Spain are not problem for circulation with a prototype

BYRA was the comercial name of aeromodelism engines, built by brothers Batllo.
At the 1974 24 h. of Montjuich, the rider Cufi crashed against a tree and died, at Font del Gat virage. The Batlló friends never repair your bike...
I was one of the "controles" (marshalls?) of circuit. The first picture is taken just after the accident. Sorry for my absolutly bad english...

Saludos de un OSSISTA

Francesc Mengual Barcelona email:

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