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Great site,just about to revive my 1975 super pioneer. Have riddon off road mainly but also have had it road rego for a while in the 90s! Gary
Gary Hamilton ,Gippsland Australia <>
- 2023-10-22
Hello all, Just bought a couple of 1970 Ossa Plonkers. One is museum grade in close to concours condition, and the other is a very nice rider (which I plan on riding) but needs a little fiddling. I used to race Ossa's back in the day and am looking forward to having much fun with this Plonker. I rode a Pioneer in enduros and a Stilleto in motocross. Both bikes were fantastic.
Bob Holmes Massachussetts, USA <>
- 2023-4-17
I have several Spanish bikes but this is my first Ossa! Happy to find y’all here. Im restoring a DMR tat was left to me by my racing mentor. I can’t seem to get the swingarm axle/bolt out . It’s been sitting since last raced in the 70s. I’ve tried heat, penetrating oil, impact tools, BFH. Is there something holding it in there besides 50 years of corrosion? Any help is appreciated!
Eric Southern California <>
- 2022-10-21
Hello everybody, Does anyone know of an Ossa roadbike forum or owners club? I've just bought an Ossa 150 Commercial with spare frame, engine and wheels. TIA.
Colin Pybus UK <>
- 2022-9-21
Have a 1968 230 stiletto and looking for a shift lever
Walter Mackenzie. Missouri USA <>
- 2022-9-12
I have 1975 230cc Super Pioneer built for the French market, bore and stroke 70mm/60mm. Is it possible replace the cylinďer sleeve with a 72mm item from a 250cc model?
Brian Milthorp, Penticton BC Canada <Milthorpb@hotmaiĺ.com>
- 2022-9-10
I have an early 1967 230cc 4 speed engine with its original UK registration plate from when it was in a Pennine. It's in a MAR frame with an offset drive gear now. I believe it was only the 15th engine of this type produced. Does it have any significant value as I am tempted to exchange it for a 1972 250 engine but feel that it should go to a good home. Any thoughts?
Vince Sharkey <>
- 2021-4-21
I read part of you history. I maybe the guy who owned the OSSA /MotoGuzzi shop in IN that you stopped at. It was near Oakland City an if so I would like to talk to you about your DMR you spoke of on the web.
Gary Fritz <>
- 2021-1-25
Hello Mat, I'm looking for an electrical diagram for my 1974 OSSA Pioneer 250 enduro. In my state you cannot ride on a public road without directional lights. I'm planning on adding both front and rear lights.
Peter Crowell, Brookline, NH, USA <>
- 2020-12-19
New to the site. 9/20. Just picked up a 1976 1/2 Ossa Super Mountaineer 350 from original owner with an Idaho title. 1190 original miles. Needing parts for resto. 970-208-5052
Scott Johnston Saint David, AZ <>
- 2020-9-9
Jag har 2 st. ossa mar
John Saunders <>
- 2019-11-5
Can anyone suggest where I can get a new fuel tank for my 71 Pioneer that will be usable with fuel containing ethanol? Has anyone used a tank from Ossacels in Barcelona?
Gordon Cuthill <>
- 2018-10-23
Restoring a 1971 Pioneer
Gordon Cuthill - Fife, Scotland. <>
- 2018-10-23
I own Mike Gerald's 1971 DMR OSSA that he won the Grand National Short Track race in 1972 at Santa FE Speedway.
Gary Fritz <>
- 2018-9-12
Hi. I've just bought a 1974/5 Ossa Explore which I will renovate. Colin
Colin Barratt <>
- 2018-8-26
Hugo Stockhom <>
- 2017-10-31
what are you selling
Hugo <>
- 2017-10-31
Hugo Skåne <>
- 2017-10-31
Hej Mats kan du huske mig, jeg købte en ramme af dig for mange år siden :-) en af mine kompiser mangler en vevaksel for en Mar 250 MK1. Konus til svinghjulet så jeg kan nøjes med den halpart har du en du vil sælge ? Med venligh hilsen hans Jørn
Hans Jørn <>
- 2017-1-26
Hello, I recently acquired a 1971 Ossa 175 SA Stiletto which I plan to restore to original stock condition. Does anyone have photos of this model they could send to me? I would like information on original paint colors and parts. Thanks for your help, Bill
Bill Klein, South San Francisco, California, USA <>
- 2016-11-29
? Is this site still active? I've asked a question by email? I like all the pics and displays of manuals and different info you have available to Ossa fans.😉
Barb Stork <>
- 2016-6-16
Hello, I'm a big fan of ossa enduro 250. Last year I bought one and restored it. Now i am looking for the maximum load for the Ossa Enduro 250 E73. I need this for my authorization in Austria. Can someon help me out here, please?!! greetings Martin
Martin Austria <>
- 2016-5-2
Hello Mats,I've got an early 4 speed with a flywheel counterweight in a mar frame but with steel forks. Trying to find the correct replacement counter shaft as someone's welded the sprocket on mine. One step forward and two steps back most of the time but I only have the engine to do now and the rest looks nice.It was converted to right hand gear change and left hand brake but it now as intended. All the best Vince.
Vince <>
- 2016-4-24
Hej mats,jag och Steve Thell hade dom två första endurohojarna som Toste tog hem 1968 Jag körde six-days för Ossa 1971-72-73-74-75 skulle kört 1970 också men jag var över och klotade ordentligt i Helsingfors 2dagars så steve fick köra i spanien istället. Nu har jag en trailhoj från 72 och 3 st endurohojar från 74 kvar + reservdelar så jag kan kör till jag blir 359år
Sven-Eric Hillman <>
- 2016-2-14
I just purchased a 1971 Ossa 250 Pioneer and I'm in the process of trying to re-wire it for battery and lights so it's street legal again. Having trouble with the ignition and regulator wiring
Eric Kurth <>
- 2016-1-1
Hope to get my SDR up and running soon. Some day would like to replace that MAR and Phantom I once owned!
Bill West South Boardman Michigan <>
- 2015-4-4
I just bought a 1972 ossa pioneer. I have never seen one in person before. It was in a barn and is rusty but started right up. I need new shocks, handlebars and kickstart and shift levers as these are really rusty. .Cant wait to ride it
mike garrison rufus oregon <>
- 2015-1-19
Hi all,I'm after parts for a 1965 Ossa 175 Sport. Rear fender,tool box,foot pegs. I'm located in Australia.
lewis hammen <>
- 2015-1-8
hi , im looking for OSSA TR 80 250 OR 350 PREF ROAD REG , does anybody have one or know of one for sale . Adrian .
adrian - east anglia- uk <>
- 2015-1-4
Does any one have any experience of fitting a Mikuni VM26 carburettor to a TR80 250 Ossa trials bike. I would be very interested to hear from you
Rob Bamford, UK <>
- 2014-12-30
Has anyone had any experience of fitting a Mikuni VM26 carburettor to a TR80 250 trials bike? If so I would appreciate any help with jet and needle sizes as I having trouble getting mine to run right
Rob Bamford, UK <>
- 2014-7-6
Hi Mats. I've completed another restoration. Please give me your email address and I'll send pictures. Cheers! Keith
Keith Gray <>
- 2014-6-9
First time I've looked at this site.Great work.Wanting to buy an Ossa road bike that's complete and in good condition. Currently in the planning stage to build a "factory monococque chassis"race bike relica.Anyone out there able to offer any advice?
lewis hammen Australia <>
- 2014-3-19
Great site
Gary Hamilton from Australia <>
- 2014-3-16
I have a 1971 Ossa 250 that has all fiberglass body. Don't know much about it. I am wondering if I could send some pictures. Thank you. Chris
Chris Amundson Fairbury, Nebraska <>
- 2013-9-2
- 2013-5-26
Just picked up a 72' Pioneer. Had it shipped from Virginia Beach to Honolulu last month and have been spending many hours cleaning and messing around with it. It's been 20 since if been on a bike and had to have something vintage when I found mine on Brad's Bikes website. Mine was restored about 8 years ago and starting to show a little aging (aren't we all). I ISDT'ed her up a bit...polished and spot painted...some new stainless steel hardware...and currently wiring for blinkers so I can get her legal for Hawaii roads. Real fun to ride too!
Victor Weeks, Honolulu Hawaii <>
- 2013-4-7
Hi, I just purchased a excellent Ossa GP1 Phantom And a 1976-1977 white 350 pioneer Presently rebuilding a 1975 250 super pioneer Al Snoop has been assisting me. He Has been very helpful.
James Neill <>
- 2013-3-24
Mats <Ossa>
- 2013-3-7
New to the Ossa family. Building a 1968 Pioneer
Ed Lynch USA/Northeast <>
- 2012-9-26
Great Mats: this Your work is wonderful for any OSSA's fan
Emilio Carra <>
- 2012-9-24
I am the origional owner of a 1970 OSSA Pioneer enduro which is still running well. It has run enduors in ME, NH, VT, RI and CT with desert events in UT. Now resides in CA
Jim Noel - Alamo, CA <>
- 2012-4-14
Mats, this is the best site! Thank you for building and maintaining it for the OSSA community. While recently rebuilding the front suspension on a 1972 MAR, the iPad went with me to the garage and the e-version of Clymer manual was referred to often. Thanks again! Jim "OSSA-boy" Carey March 28, 2012
Jim Carey / Apex, North Carolina, U.S.A <>
- 2012-3-29
need to recomision my 250 enduro restored 4years ago been stood ever since 2012 must be the year to sort it out and have some fun on it
roger parkes uk <>
- 2011-10-31
Was given your site address to enquire aboot identification of an older OSSA that has been stored for 30 years M 331392 B 331392 could you help please. Thank you Steve.
- 2011-9-10
I am building an Ossa 230 Sport road racer/24 Horas replica
Jon Jacobson <>
- 2011-8-7
I am building an Oassa 230 Sport road racer/24 Horas replica
Jon Jacobson <>
- 2011-8-7
I've just bought an imported '72 Pioneer and I've found this site so helpful - keep up the good work and thank you.
Ray <>
- 2011-6-23
Still fussing with my '75 GP I, but thanks to Alex Snoop, I'm finally making good progress.
Chuck Akin, Alajuela, Costa Rica <>
- 2011-6-5
Still fussing with my '75 GP I, but thanks to Alex Snoop, I'm finally making good progress.
Chuck Akin, Alajuela, Costa Rica <>
- 2011-6-5
Still fussing with my '75 GP I, but thanks to Alex Snoop, I'm finally making good progress.
Chuck Akin, Alajuela, Costa Rica <>
- 2011-6-5
I just aquired a 74 ossa phantom, needs a lot of work. I am looking for parts
Danny Kennedy <>
- 2011-6-5
thinking of buying a ossa mar 1971 .asking price is £850 .Is this a correct price .Your thoughts and advise .Looks like a fun bike to own and ride ? Many thanks
martin marlow england <martinarpino@hotmail>
- 2011-4-26
I found your site about two years ago. I always knew the Wildfire was a rare bike but until I saw the serial number info on your site I didn’t realize how small the production run was. I guess they didn’t sell well because when I bought the bike in San Diego in 1973, it was titled as a 1969. In those years, if they didn’t change the models around they titled the bikes as the year they sold I love your site. I bought my first OSSA in 1970, a 1969 Stiletto and raced a little. I bought the Wildfire just for an around town bike and ended up racing it some too. It was very fast and could beat almost all the RD250s that made up the bulk of the 250 production class I raced against. It had the same top end as those bikes but was a little slower accelerating because of the 4 speed gears. RD250s were 6 speed. That was in 1974 and I was racing against bikes that were 7 years newer. It turned and stopped much better than the Yamahas so they would pull a little lead on the straights and I could blow right by on brakes at the end. It was actually like cheating. Thanks for maintaining the best OSSA site on the web. I absolutely loved Sr. Giro grandson’s pictures with Sr. Giro as the pilot and Sr. Bulto as the “monkey” on their sidecar racing rig. Think how lucky motorcycling is that they didn’t have a bad wreck!
Larry White, Post Falls ID, USA <>
- 2011-1-16
I bought my first Pioneer in 1970 when I was 18. At 58 I just bought my 4th Pioneer. Your web site has been very helpful in helping me plan her restoration. Teardown will begin after Thanksgiving. ( so I can have my wish list ready for Christmas) I'm greatful there are people like you who still have the love and resepect for these beautiful machines. Hank P
Hank Packard Pittsfield Mass USA <>
- 2010-11-15
hi can you help me identifly my engine. the number is m440047, its fitted in a mar frame at the moment but it was me who fitted it. I cant seem to find this engine number anywhere. ta john
john willoughby uk. <>
- 2010-10-23
son looking for trail bike for sale ossa gripper or montesa cota 348 contact number 07581003476
stephen fowler <>
- 2010-10-22
son looking for trail bike for sale ossa gripper
stephen fowler <>
- 2010-10-22
I have a 1973 Ossa 250 Black & Orange, all original and complete.
Vicki Melhorn <>
- 2010-9-15
Hi Mats, Remember me? In 1998 I wrote and said I was going to reassemle my 72 Pioneer, disassembled and stored since 1982. Well, I finally did it! The only missing part was the clamp for the air filter. Not too bad. It started but it was obvious the carb needed to be remanufactured. So that is being done, and I hope to be on the trails again in a week or 2. I also have another 71 Pioneer, given to me 10 years ago by the original owner. This one is rough. Spent 10 years outdoors leaning under a tree without a carb....but the spigot was duct taped and surprisingly the engine is not stuck and has good compression. So I'm going to do something with that. I might use it as the platform for an SDR clone.
Keith Gray <>
- 2010-9-10
I remember Rod Murufas very well at Orange County in the early 70's...he used to give the open class boys fits with that 250 Ossa...I once took a ride with him up San Gabriel Canyon in 1972 and led him and a guy named Rod Schmidt for quite a few miles before they blew by me on the narrow one lane section leading up to Crystal Lake.I was running a S-2 350 cc Kawasaki at the time and I swear that is when he decided to try racing a Kawasaki...I think he figured if some goof like me could go fast it must be a good bike...and yes you are right...he never did very well with it. His dad had a 500 cc 4 cylinder Honda and was also pretty quick going up that canyon as I recall.He was pretty dang good at that tight course at Orange County on that Ossa!I loved watching him race!
Neal Landvogt/Broomfield Colo. <>
- 2010-9-5
Cant wait to view your site
Lonny Foster GrandIsland, NE <>
- 2010-6-20
i want to relive the experience and am looking for a 73'250 sdr.Great to see input from other ossa fans.
john andersen <>
- 2010-6-9
I hear someone is making plastic reproduction tanks that will hold up to modern gasolines. I took my Yankee project to the Bonneville Salt Flats with a dry tank, added their race gas 110 oct, premixed with bean oil 42:1. When I got back to the pits, the tank was leaking at the rear seam area. I tried to seal it with several things but no help. I had other issues that day, (blew a piston warming up) Never got on the course. I am signed up for the next event in August and need to do something about the tank. Any ideas?
Mike Becker <>
- 2010-5-31
Great Site! It brought back a lot of memories. I raced a '70 Stiletto in the So.Cal. motocross wars from '70 to '74. I am curently restoring a '71 Stiletto. Keep up the great work!
Erich Diekmann,California,USA <>
- 2010-5-28
I have a '69 stileto which I race, 4 speed model.Have just been offered a 250 Explorer,still goes, is it worth buying??? Duggy
Duggy, Australia <>
- 2010-5-25
Greetings, Have GP I to restore and looking for good phots. Tx
Chuck Akin, Alajuela, Costa Rica <>
- 2010-4-7
hi , thinking of buying tr 80 . are parts still available ?
adrian . essex - uk <>
- 2010-3-23
Hi I have a running like new 1971 Ossa for sale if interested please email me at thank you
Dakota Brant Osoyoos BC Canada <>
- 2010-3-21
Hi, Great site! Just got a OSSA MAR 350, Great fun, wanting to trick it up and adjust the steering angle and move the footrests back a bit (make it slightly more modern riding sytle) I want to do a good job, has anybody got any tips, hints or photo's of their modded bikes they can share? Kind Regards, Tim
Tim Hartshorne <>
- 2010-2-15
Hi! I'm owner of an OSSA AE-250 (or equivalent). My father bought it in 1977, here in Venezuela. The bike looks regular but, is so difficult to find parts in this country. I'm glad to see that OSSA still have many of followers. Thanks you for all the information you offer in your site, I hope to find here some ideas to repair my motorcycle. Javier. Hola! Soy propietario de una OSSA AE-250 (o equivalente). Mi padre la compró en 1977 aquí en Venezuela. La moto está regular pero es muy difícil encontrar partes en este país. Estoy contento de ver que OSSA todavía tiene muchos seguidores. Gracias por toda la información que se ofrece en su sitio, espero encontrar aquí algunas ideas para reparar mi motocicleta. Javier.
Javier Diaz - Venezuela <>
- 2010-1-23 put out a wanted ad looking for My old ST-1 short track sled...and got a few emails from friends of mine from back in the was great...but..I also got a bunch of con artist's contacting me from Britain all telling me they had a bike...but needed basic info from sent me pictures of an old Yamaha DT-I broken apart laying on the ground...all .B.S. of course ..just more scams from the internet. ST-I in Britain...pretty funny.
- 2009-11-30
Mat...what can You tell me about this OSSA trials bike ...and where can I get one. Thank's ...Mike
Michael Krasun <MKRASUN@AOL.COM>
- 2009-11-30
Just looking at DMR stuff . Got one to restore, TCL
Tom Laird Lincoln , NE <>
- 2009-11-29
thanks 4 trip down memory lane
tony, brisbane
- 2009-11-15
I have a Pioneer that I bought new just after returning from Nam. I rode it only a little, and got busy making a living. The last time it was ridden was aprox. 1975 and has been in storage since then. Still has the original tires. It was strong and fast for a 250. Guess I should restore it.
Bill Moye <>
- 2009-10-15

The OSSA-site Gästbok has been reopened!!
Mats N <>
- 2009-10-9
the greatest machine I ever owned. I sold it after three yrs. I wish that I had it back and never sold it.I would like to find a Pioner or Plunker to Purchase now. Ron
Ron Nelson <>
- 2006-11-5
i am looking for imformation and parts for a 1967/68 230cc 0ssa pennine i have been led to believe i have aquired one of the first three works trials bikes that came into GB 
colinthompson scunthorpe england <>
- 2006-10-15
Just found your site via Trials Central - I have one Ossa MAR in my Collection - interesting to read the comments of other Ossa fans - found Helmut Clasen's email on here - have not seen him for many years. It's a small Motorcycle World.
Dave Rhodes Vernon BC Canada <>
- 2006-9-19
I have a 350 Ossa Explorer under restoring, pls send me links to manuals and spare parts sellers, Italy or around, thanks
rob <>
- 2006-9-14
I bought my ossa in 1969 a 250 endero I loved it. MY SON HAS IT NOW TO REBUILD it.
Billin west linn,oregon
- 2006-8-11
I have an Ossa Yellow Gripper that i am currently restoring to original. It is currently in bad condition. It needs the frame welding and spraying, new mud guards, new clutch lever, brake levers and gear lever, new seat and a new wiring loom. It also needs new lights and a new number plate, although i do have the log book. Is this the sort of thing you are looking for?
Ian Rowland, London, England <>
- 2006-8-7
Hi i own a 1971 M.A.R.whitch i ride in classic trials, have been riding OSSAs since 1971,love your web site.
S- 2006-8-1
I own a 1970 stiletto 250 and was wondering if someone would be interested in buying it.I'm in Pennsylvania. e-mail me for details. Thanks 
Jerry Bucci <>
- 2006-7-27
toni vico is a thief! do not wire money to this man.......he is a thief and I can prove it!
ripped off in the usa
- 2006-6-16
HI i own a ossa 350trials sidecar outfit it is in dull nickel, i am want it is in dull nickel, i am wanting any info on this machine. the frame no is B700019 engine no is M580950, i do not know the registration no. it might have been supplied by robinsons at rochdale uk in the
- 2006-6-7
Hi i have re-built a 250 M.A.R.1971 model,it is dead original.I am in the process of registering it for the road & aquiring an age related number.I shall be riding it in classic trials. I get all my spares from the States. 
alan howells gloscestershire U.K. <>
- 2006-5-21
I am rebuilding a 250 ossa explorer and would be intrested to know how many others there are in the UK.

gary daly, england <>
- 2006-5-17
I have a 250 phantom. It belonged to my uncle. At this time it is in storage waiting for the re-build. I'll send the photos soon. regards Sean Whelan

Australia <>
- 2006-5-14
I love seeing those red and white 250 enduros,likeit was yesterday that i bought mine,it was 1974.i am trying to locate one to restore now. 

john andersen-- Australia <>
- 2006-5-8
Great site, Thanks for all the input, If you need vintage ossa patches and hats, or pins, keyfobs and metal signs, drop me a line Steadfast Cycles

Brandon Canyon Country <>
- 2006-4-26

- 2006-4-24
Hi like the site. Just obtained 250cc ossa trials bike. History unknown any body know anything about these machines.

Ian Montgomery, Dover, Kent. UK <>
- 2006-4-22
Mats, Thanks for your buy and sell page. I purchased a 1972 Pioneer from it and I couldn't have done better if I could have found a new one

Stewart Morris SC USA <>
- 2006-4-17
I have a 73 SDR I'm in the process of restoring. Looking for the rubber license plate mount. Been a fan of this site for many years. Good work Matts!!

Chris Craven Denton, NC <>
- 2006-4-10
Nice page Mats. Hope it will encourage me to finish a restauratMon someone else started on. Some parts missing and some to be made, but it will be very beautiful, and probably will give joy off the pists someday, Bjorn

Bjørn S Ødegaard <>
- 2006-4-7
Howdy, I own a Plonker 5 speed motor number M343558 and was wondering if this is " MAR"? Does anyone have a catalog pix of my bike? Thanks, Bob

Bob Ohman Denver Colorado USA <>
- 2006-4-1
Excellent site, a lot of work has gone into this web-site well done to all involved. Just bought an Ossa trials bike this site has given me loads of good information.Thank you, Simplistic machines forever.

Mark Purdie
- 2006-3-25
Great site - loads of info except what fuel/oil ratio is for OSSA. Have been given a mid 70's 250 with converted gear shift (to the wrong side!) gear selection is poor and now I wish to try and sort her out - need to know fuel mix before starting. Any help would be nice. Cheers Aye.

Andie in Dorset UK <>
- 2006-3-24
I owned two OSSA wildfire motorcycles--one brand new in 1969--when I was a kid. The other also a 1969 model just a few years back. Sold to a collector. Good to visit your site!! JOE

joe weinroth <>
- 2006-3-10

tom kentucky <>
- 2006-3-9
ossa 250 racing engine and expansion chamber forsale tel 07776232878 north wales area

ian millard <>
- 2006-3-6
I just bought a 76 mar250. The clutch is (dragging) with the lever in, it lurches when I put it in gear. I have adjusted the cable but think I need to adjust something else. Can anyone offer me some advice? Paul

paul <>
- 2006-3-3
rebuilding an 1970 pioneer, after selling mine in 1970. Still looking for some small parts, headlight,front fender, tach.

Ben Cox-Frankenfield Upper Lake, CA USA <>
- 2006-3-3
I have a 1977 Desert Phantom that I purchased new and is in very good condition. It has always been stored inside and is mostly original. 

Jim Eslick, Dayton, WA USA <>
- 2006-2-28
dear mats nyberg. please up date your ossas for sale list. some of the bikes were sold a year ago. very difficult to find one for sale today. thanks. d.t.

dennis thompson sacramento,ca.
- 2006-2-26

I erase the adverts after one year. Or if the seller asks me.
Mats N.

i have an Eric Cheney ossa monoshock frame which i am building into complete bike and would welcome any info and details of ossa monoshock bikes.
andy bishop england <>
- 2006-2-24
I have a 1972 Ossa Pioneer. It is very similar to the one I owned 35 years ago at the age of 15! It turns out that one was a 1971.My Ossa had most of the work done by Keith Lynas in San Diego. It is now 95% done and includes Virginia title, registration and plates. Always looking for all things Ossa!

Kurt Bailey in Virginia <>
- 2006-2-22
Just bought my first Ossa today, 1976 mick andrews 250 replica from the old importer in Holland. Fun times ahead. Glad I found this place.

Paul. in Belgium
- 2006-2-22
Great site, I really enjoy it. I am a former OSSA dealer and currently own 6 oSSA's I also nave quite a few nos parts.

Stewart Morris SC USA <>
- 2006-2-19
Just got my 1972 stiletto out of mothballs and was pleasantly surprised to find parts and services still available. I am planning a complete rebuild and restoration if I can stop riding it long enough. Thanks for the great website! Charlie

Charlie in Nevada <powningc@aol>
- 2006-2-18
Always something new to learn every day! Very interesting site.Thanks.

Brendan Owen, Wales, U.K. <>
- 2006-2-17
Acquired a working 1972 175 Pioneer and "locked" 250 Pioneer. Both in my garage for many many years. Happened across your page, curious as to information you care to share regarding renovations and or market for these bikes?

Lupfer...Carlisle Pennsylvania <>
- 2005-12-31

- 2005-12-29
I have a 1968 pioneer i'm resurecting 

Jim Hirst livonia michigan <jhirst@twmi>
- 2005-12-28

pedro cal avd. republica uruguay 34 b oleiros. a coruña . ( SPAIN)
- 2005-12-26
i have a 74 mod MAR. I need some kind of wiring diagram for this bike .The bike have headligth, taillight, brakelamp and horn. im 30 years old live in Norway can somebodyple972 175 Pioneer and "locked" 250 Pioneer. Both in my garage for many many years. Happened across your page, curious as to information you care to share regarding renovations and or market for these bikes?

Lupfer...Carlisle Pennsylvania <>
- 2005-12-31

- 2005-12-29
I have a 1968 pioneer i'm resurecting 

Jim Hirst livonia michigan <jhirst@twmi>
- 2005-12-28

pedro cal avd. republica uruguay 34 b oleiros. a coruña . ( SPAIN)
- 2005-12-26
i have a 74 mod MAR. I need some kind of wiring diagram for this bike .The bike have headligth, taillight, brakelamp and horn. im 30 years old live in Norway can somebodyplease help me.

thomas solberg <>
- 2005-12-25
Hi Good site. It would be desirable to return again and again!

Dori <>
- 2005-12-25
I have an Ossa Verde 78; I zm just trying to repair it and make it beautifull.

michel dormoy Nevers France <>
- 2005-12-25
Enjoyed visiting the Ossa site.

Ernie Page. Scotland UK
- 2005-12-23
i have a ossa 350 pioner

dario spain
- 2005-12-19
Very nice web site

- 2005-12-13

- 2005-12-13
Super Homepage best in the world for Ossa Owners. Like to get the owners manual on e-mail Felix 

Felix Müller <>
- 2005-12-6
Info on DMR OSSAs

Gary Fritz <>
- 2005-11-28
Great site Mat,I have a 1974 t;

- 2005-12-6
Info on DMR OSSAs

Gary Fritz <>
- 2005-11-28
Great site Mat,I have a 1974 Ossa Explorer 250 has anybody done a restoration on one. Looking for a speedo,mount and cable. Thanks George

George Lemire NH USA <>
- 2005-11-21
Great little site, I lived in Malaga, Spain from 72 till 75 and have many fond memories of the bikes I saw there. I moved back to Holland and had with me a Cota 49, none to be seen on the streets in Amsterdam at that time! I baught a Superpioneer 250, the golden one with the polyester ( not plastic ) mudguards in 1978. Great bike, I was very sad when it got stolen after only 3 months. Still remember it as a great forgiving bike, nice in the snow!!When jumping it would go to one side, seems to be the thing with them.I had a Sherpa 350 for 10 years after that, but am still fond of the Super Pioneer. Keep the site going, Hasta luego, Dennis 

Dennis van der Meer
- 2005-11-20
Restoring 1972 OSSA Pioneer which I have owned since 1972. Original miles on bike is 1274. In 1974 I left for military duty. When the World changed, I came home, and that was that. Much has been forgotten, but now I think of getting my OLD OSSA Pioneer running again. It would be a great help to find people that have parts and expertise to help me restore my bike to rough riding condition again. Peter

Peter Crowell <>
- 2005-11-19
Would appreciate any info on my Ossa tr80 350 Gripper

Ian <>
- 2005-11-2

- 2005-10-25
Muy Bueno El Sitio, Felicitaciones Saludos. Hernan

Hernan Echague <>
- 2005-10-21
ive got a ossa 350 gripper but i can't find the engine number? and could do with a seat cover,tank cap and rear pipe

craig .Wales <>
- 2005-10-13
I had a 250 Pioneer in Calgary Alberta Rode in Cross-country races and play riding in Mountains. Also had a MAR . Great bikes . Wish I had them back.

Ron Powers Winnipeg Canada <>
- 2005-10-4
I have a1971 Ossa Pioneer since 1972. It has a Sntanya com Montserrat, etc. Mats, avui he anat a parar a la teva web per casulaitat i m'ha agradat molt de fer-hi una ullada. Avui tambe estic content perque en Moto GP Sepang, Carles Checa (Ducati) ha fet podi. En Carles es fill de Sant Fruitos de Bages a pocs quilometres de Manresa, i Toni Elias es fill de Manresa, el DAni Pedrosa de Sabadell... jo els segueixo sempre que puc per TV. I'm sorry, my english is not good but my heart is OSSA. Una abraçada Joan

Joan Pallejà - Manresa (Spain) <>
- 2005-9-24
want to find out about ossa350

mike england <>
- 2005-9-19
I have owned 4 ossa motorcycles and have riden in trials comp. in the early to mide 90s to great success in a.h.r.m.a . Im now working on a tr80 I believe to been old national n.a.t.c. In southern ILL> missouri area to ride in the twin shock class. To tackle dist.17 a.m.a.I find reading info here and history helpful.I wont to say thank you 

Brian Kruse <>
- 2005-9-11
1972 mick andrews rep forks leaking when pushed down help

j ash field
- 2005-9-2

- 2005-8-25
I have a 1981 OSSA 350 yellow trials bike. in good much is it worth

- 2005-8-24
i have a mick andrews 1972 replica is in vgc it worth any thing

- 2005-8-20
I've got a red OSSA - 301 cc/4speed - and it's great!

giuseppe marchiori - Rome (Italy) <>
- 2005-8-17

- 2005-8-10
Currently restoring 1978-80 all green 250 model from ground up! Great website, anybody got any good spokes and nipples (f+r)?

Sam Ball, Isle of Man, U.K.
- 2005-8-6
i want an ossa gripper yellow 350, can anyone help please please, any condition. thankyou tel 07977555923 garry

garry england <>
- 2005-8-5
very cool website, dude

maico moe
- 2005-7-26
Mats- Thank you for the great site! My first real bike was a '71 250 Pioneer I bought used in 72 while in the military. I also bought a new 250 Explorer in '73, and a very slightly used 250 Phantom, which I fitted with a desert tank and smaller rear sprocket for distance races. It has been many years since I have done any dirt riding except for the 4 wheeled ATVs I use in my work, but I still remember the almost modern 4 stroke torque provided by the OSSA engine with its huge transfer ports. I wish they were still in production, I would buy a new one today. On another note, I was able to test drive a used Dick Mann Replica (factory short track bike)in 1976 at the Trials & Enduro Shop in Boulder, Colorado. I could have had it for a good price, and will always regret not buying it as it was the only one I ever saw. Thanks again for the site! Paul

Paul Calonge, Riverton, Wyoming, USA <>
- 2005-7-25
I have a 250 cc 1970 Ossa Stiletto which I bought brand new in 1971. I have not ridden it for almost 10 years and have not started it in 2 years. It started and rode fine. I would imagine the carb needs cleaning since it has sat for so long. Since I am pushing 70, I feel it is time to sell it. If anyone is interested, please let me know by e mail. Dave Cohen

Dave Cohen Arizona USA <>
- 2005-7-18
hi im restoring a 1974 ish Ossa MAR but i am confused why it has no frame number this is origonal, as the tooling marks can be seen all around the head stock, so it has not been ground off. Great site thank you!

chris <>
- 2005-6-30
I've been offered a Ossa 350 in good condition. Are they any good...

Nick Ferrand <>
- 2005-6-28
i love his page please keep on he good work

imo aba <>
- 2005-6-27
Great Site, the best on Ossa Trials

Davide Zambra <>
- 2005-6-17

ian england
- 2005-6-14
i have found an engine with ossa logo and this number on engine (mybe 250 cc?): M-310421 Please help me to identify the model and year Engine is complet and for sale

paco spain <>
- 2005-6-6
Nice to see Ossa history compiled and to remember the great times in the early 70's riding the Spanish bikes that made it to the USA. I had friends who bought Bultacos, Ossa,and they had tremendous low-end torque for riding in the Rocky Mountains west of Fort Collins Colorado, is where we would take these machines. The Ossa 259 Stiletto orange?black colors was my favorite. It would pull a wheelie in all gears and throw a rooster tail of rocks all over the early Japanese enduro models. The Ossa worked hard for me and took terrific abuse riding in the mountains and cross country trailing. It was always a crowd getting machine. All the Americans would have to see what that was when it rode in to a place they were assembled and trail riding. The Trials models started off with a nice start in the 70's but it never had a fan base like Trials has in Europe. Trials riding is an art. I admire the European riders skills with this sport. I bought a Yamaha 250 Trials USA machine in 1974. I rode it for 6 years and went to roadbikes for a change to tour and see some sites. My cousin moved to Tranes Sweden in 1977 to play semi-pro basketball and ended up staying in Sweden. He married a nice Swedish girl and had two girls. He worked for Stiga for many years but died of a heart attack 2 years ago July at age 49. They harvested his organs and saved 5 other people in Europe from his wishes if he passed and could be a donor. His wife and family are very nice people so polite and friendly. I will go and read and browse your sight more now and say later... Keep up the good work it was a fun part of history these bikes and memories.

Terry Lorenz <>
- 2005-5-27
great site! Im looking to purchase a 250 mar plonker, in good running order, about mid seventies.Any one with in formation please contact me. Bill

Bill thompson b.c. canada <>
- 2005-5-23
Nice to see all you OSSA heads out there. This is an awesome website! When I was a kid I had a 230cc Wildfire which I turned into a dirt bike. For this I deserve a special place in OSSA hell! This Wildfire had a silver and red gas tank, I have not seen one like it since. I still have some sad momentos of the project, a headlight shell, speedo and one headlight ear. I currently own a Super Pioneer and a Yankee, also a Montessa and a Bultaco. The Super Pioneer is a very fine machine. The only real problem has been breakage of the exhaust pipe mounts off the frame (the pipe is very heavy). As an added bonus the front fender and gas tank were stored arom new and are in perfect condition. Plastic tank and fender are used in the dirt. On the Yankee my IRZ gaskets are all dried up and the airbox connector is disintegrating. I'm running a pair of Jikov's (off CZ) with K&N's right now. A problem with the Yankee is that the front brake backing plate rotates because the torque link clamp to the fork slider will not stay in place. The fork slider is very thin and I'm reluctant to clamp too hard (not that this would help). If allowed to rotate, the cable attachment stub will gouge the fork leg. Owners of Yankee's may be happy to note that an early Harley-Davidson Super Glide master cylinder kit has parts that can be used to rebuild the K-H master cylinder on the Yankee. Also, the caliper piston seal (o-ring) will take one from an early Sportster front disc brake (also Kelsey-Hayes). Other notes, I was using the Yankee as a pit bike at Road Atlanta 12-15 years ago when a man, suddenly startled, said "I thought I saw a ghost"! Turned out he was the Yankee distributor in Georgia back when. Also had some contact with Rochester Cycles in NY a long time ago, they must have ended up with most of Yankee's stuff back then. Also had contact with Steve's Ossa's, he provided me with much Yankee literature. Back before the internet it wasn't easy to find parts to keep these things going. Good luck with your Yankees and Ossas! Gerry

Gerry Wood South Carolina <>
- 2005-5-21
Hi Mats,I own an old Ossa; frame no-B760345 engine no-M760345,Im going to start restoring it very soon,if you could tell me any thing about the bike it would be very helpfull.Thanks for a great web site,keep up the good work.

Nigel Cook <>
- 2005-5-15
i love this page so keep it up.

- 2005-5-13
Estoy arreglando una Ossa de ap ox. el año 1970. Era de mi padre y no se que modelo es, se parece mucho a la Enduro America AE-72. Dicen que es un modelo muy limitado, podría alguien ayudarme?

Javix <>
- 2005-5-1
tengo una ossa 350 enduro de 1975 (azul y blanca) es una maravilla. la tengo perfecta y documentada. no la vendo por nada. además, los 32 cv que tiene no se achantan con cualquiera. me meo en las 250 actuales. pues eso, mi testimonio.

jorge spain <>
- 2005-4-26
kiyo tengo q restaurar 1 OSSA 230 Wildfire 1968. era de mi abuelo y kiero obtener fotografias de detalles de la moto. quiero acerle sorprender a mi abuelo y q mejor q con su moto preferida. por favor ayuda me gracias

noelia malaga <>
- 2005-3-31
I am searching for type certification f3r OSSA MAR 350 Trial, who can offer such paper? Thanks, Herbert

Herbert Zegg, Graz <>
- 2005-3-30
can anyone tell me where i can get tank and side panels decals for a ossa mar mick andrews replica THANKS

colin deakin <>
- 2005-3-29
Hej Jag har en OSSA 250T som aer uppbyggt till en 300 copa med en 3 delar styrning och den aer malad i svenska flaggans faerger (/ jag aer svensk, men bor i Madrid) Jag har haft OSSA i 15 Ar nu ock gillar den mer o mer varje dag. Om ni vill ha delar eller info sa kontakta mig pa

michel H. Clarenbeek <>
- 2005-3-22
G'day all. I have a 68 pioneer and a 74 250 explorer plus a few spare 250 motors. In the near future intend building a roadracer to compete in the post classic racing, starting with either a pioneer frame or a wildfire if i can get one.

Lyndon Australia <>
- 2005-3-22
Hello everybody, Im from Belgium and we havn't many Ossa's(+-80 over the country) .One year ago I buy a second hand bike and I receve some motorparts and an old Ossa(never hear before,sorry).It's an explorer 350 (1976?)with engine problems and no papers! The engine I can fix but before I'm trying to find some papers. (it's a long story and trust me,I've tried every legal path) Maybe some of you has an old (good) frame with papers for my ossa. Do the 250 have the same framesize? Thanks for answering (In Dutch,French,German or English)

Michel <>
- 2005-3-17
does anyone know where i can source the gasket/spacer for where the exhaust pipe joins the engine casing on a tr80 250? also a kickstart,gear lever and rear fender would b uselful for the same bike if anyone can help,if you can drop me an email

daniel england <>
- 2005-3-13
Wanted an OSSA badly when I was a kid but couldn't get Mom and Dad to co-sign the note. Got a 73 pioneer from Lee Loper in Washington on the way. Cant wait for it to arrive. Been involved in sports car racing for the last 30 years. I live in rural connecticut and can't wait til spring to start riding. 

Carl Lopez <>
- 2005-2-24
e thanks daniel

daniel england
- 2005-2-18
Great website I have a Ossa 350 and a bultaco Sherpa.Your site has given me some great information about what I have. Thanks
Jim Williams <>
- 2005-2-17
Just picked up an old friends '67 Pioneer he's had in his garage his he broke his front teeth going over the bars back in'68. The bike is complete and in good shape, its just a matter of getting it fired up.I should make good use of this site and everybodies expertise.
Dave Herman <>
- 2005-2-16
I am proud holder of one TR80 YELLOW 1981 model right now restored and better then new... it should be pleasent to exchange some words with whoever interested ciao!! 
Enrico Picchi - Livorno/Italy <>
- 2005-2-15
I am currently refinishing a 1972 Ossa Pioneer 250 given to me by my grandfather 2 years ago. Last year i restored it and it looked quite nice until i got in a fight with a barb wire fence, more damage to me than the bike luckily. It is still a strong, great running, easy starting machine.
Shiloh Crawford, Pueblo Colorado USA <>
- 2005-2-15
anyone in the uom
daniel uk <>
- 2005-2-13
anyone with info on 85 montessa 305 parts please email me asap

chip muncy pennslyvania <ripple420247@yahoo.coom>
- 2005-2-13

- 2005-1-29
My first visit to your site. I am an older bikie [65] but still compete in local classic races [New Zealand Classic Racing Register]. Presently looking at securing a second Ossa to compete on [my first was an MAR in a past life]. I would like to stay in touch as if I proceed I'm sure I will need help. In the meantime can someone help me with advice [and names, if possible] to assist me in transporting a bike from UK to NZ. 

Ross Sneddon <>
- 2005-1-28
I have a 1975 OSSA Pioneer 250 Super with 2,650 original miles. I inherited the bike from my uncle who purchased the bike new.I also have an extra air box and front fender.The bike has always been stored inside and is in excellent condition.Is there a market for this bike? and if so, what would be the value? Thanks, Kirk

Kirk & Jo Smitherman-Raleigh N.C. < >
- 2005-1-24
A very nice site keep it up.

Eze Mgbada <>
- 2005-1-14

- 2005-1-7
Nice Site,Looking for Kick Lever and Speedo Yankee 500

Steve Id <>
- 2005-1-4
Gratulations for this site, kompliments. -Hans+++

Hans, Hannover, Germany <>
- 2005-1-3
Owner of 3 restored Ossa's, 1973 MAR-1974 SDR and 1976 Super Pioneer, still to do an Explorer with the small aluminium tank. Often browse the best bike site on the web,Mats mighty Ossa pages. Good riding to all the Ossa "nuts" out there.

Doug Hicks-Victoria-Australia <ossalad@ohe>
- 2004-12-28
http:the design team very often. bob way... enjoy

jim costello albany,ny <>
- 2004-12-27
Hi friends! I´ve a ossa 125 b. It´s a road motorbike from 1956. I,m very interesting in meeting people who have ossas all over the world. I´m from Spain and for finish this mail I whish that you have a great new year. Good-bye 

Roberto (Spain) <>
- 2004-12-19
I'm an old dirt tracker and OSSA dealer. At the present time I'm rebuilding a 1071 DMR OSSA.

Gary Fritz <>
- 2004-12-12
Raced 250 stilleto in 1971-73--Ordered DMR engine from Spain and built shorttracker and raced it. Still have Shorttracker. Rebuilding it. Have stilleto engine

Bill Bishop High Springs, Fl <>
- 2004-12-8
I was taking a bunch of teenagers to see a band and started talking with one of them. He told me he like to ride his dirt bike. He told me it was an OSSA Pioneer. I went to his house and rode it. It leaked gas from the carb and petcocks, was hard to shift, the forks were leaking like a sieve, and the fibreglass was all ratty. But the old girl runs and drives. All the gears work and everything. I traded him straight across for a 97 YZ250 that I had. I was a little sorry to see the YZ go, but had to have the OSSA. I had one when I was 15 (1975) and always wished I had kept the old spanish machine. I'll be restoring it this winter and hopefully will be riding it next summer..

Matt Massachusetts
- 2004-12-3
nice greeting´s from rügen the biggest isle of germany nice cristmas and e happy new jear

jeti187 <>
- 2004-12-3
what is a good engine oil or motor oil for a four stroke dirtbike?

shazim meade gjf junior high
- 2004-12-3
I have just looked at your fantastic website.Both me and my brother have one of the largest collection of trials brochures on the planet and we do a large quantity of brochure copies for people doing rebuilds on these fantastic machines.We are also friends of Mick Andrews who lives close to us.

Alan and John Hulme, England <>
- 2004-12-1
Just bought a '71 Pioneer 250 for restoration/renovation. Taken out of 10 years' storage, so I have some resurrecting to do. Looks like a fun project! Plenty of support here on Mats pages as well as the Yahoo ossamotorcycle Group. The Pioneer should make a good bike for the streets and trails of New England. Neil

Neil - New Egland, USA
- 2004-11-29

mansoko <>
- 2004-11-26
Just surfing for OSSA stuff

Mike Ethridge Arkansas USA
- 2004-11-25
TONI VICO are selling bikes in Spain. He is a lier han d a THIEF. He send you a photo and a frame and engine numbers of a bike, and when you pay him the money you will never see the bike that you had bought. He sell the same bike with the same photo and the same frame and engine numbers, to various differents buyers, and he get the maney for these different buyers ¡¡of the ONE BIKE!! He is very dangerous for all the bike collectors in the world. I´m a enduro bikes collector since 20 years ago and I have many italian friends bikes collectors and I can say that This man, ToniVico, is totalli different that all the enduro collectors that I´ve seen in my life. I´ve seen in the net, that TONI VICO is DECEIVING a lot of people in the world. 

- 2004-11-25
good,good very good.Ossa forever ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Agusti Viñals (Barcelona) España <>
- 2004-11-24
I'm looking for an SDR for sale or trade in the Oklahoma area, if anyone has one, please e-mail.

Pat Lee <>
- 2004-11-22
I'm looking for an SDR for sale or trade in the Oklahoma area, if anyone has one, please e-mail.

Pat Lee <>
- 2004-11-22
Does anyone know anything about a mini-bike called the "boss"? It was made in Bologna and says moto b-m on it. I was told it was a kit bike. Looks like about 50cc and has a clutch and gears. Thanks.

K.R. Ebert <>
- 2004-11-19
beautifull web. thks for your very much work, time, expenses etc into developer this web for alls.

gonzalo valencia spain <>
- 2004-11-17

- 2004-11-17
I owned a new 72 pioneer in 72, loved those bikes.

Pat Lee McAlester Ok. <>
- 2004-11-16
I'm looking for information on a 1973 Ossa 250 Alpine. I've heard it is a rare find. I'm missing the ignition system and flywheel. Thanks,Steve

Steve Brantley <>
- 2004-11-14
wonderful, thank you very much, I have a '72 175 Stiletto and a '72 250 Pioneer. Tom

Tom Kemp, Tucker, Georgia, USA <>
- 2004-11-3

- 2004-11-3
I have recently bought an Ossa Trials bike and on closer inspection of the frame under the black paint it appears to be plated e.g. chrome or nickel, is this normal?

Paul (Uk)
- 2004-11-3
i recently received an ossa as a gift from my neighbour. it is an old trial bike, used for the steep sloaps and rocks. it has an orange frame, gold wheels and white plastics. could anyone help in the identification of this bike as i would rather pass the bike on to sumone who knows them better than me.shes a beautifull machine and runs superbly

- 2004-10-31
Send me engine/motor number and I will check in my lists
Mats N. 
need information on 72 ossa TRA 250 like new what is value 

MIKE MARTIN <georjiew@yahoo>
- 2004-10-29
Hi.. I need a engine of a ossa desert 350. Scuse me for my Inglish. In Spanish: Necesito motor de ossa desert 350.

Borja (Spain) <>
- 2004-10-28
i've a OSSA EXPLORER 250 (975)

sergio <>
- 2004-10-25
Hi all,my Ossa 250 explorer (1972) is 99% complete theres just a few parts im still looking for,hard to find in Australia.I also have a Bultaco MK 11 250 Frontera (1979)that is 100% original and literally still new-looking for a 370 aswell.Great site lots of info,thanks.

Rick Hofer Sydney Australia <>
- 2004-10-24
Hello OSSA lovers! My first incounter with these bikes was working at a small shop here in our town. Uncrating bikes and test riding them, and I was hooked! What a suprise the first time we had one nearly fire up and then realise it was runnig backward. We always had time to run the new bikes around the block, one day when our friend Dick came by with his hot new X6 Hustler it was my privlidge to dust him off with our new Wildfire. Ten years later the wildfire was for sale in the paper and I snatched it up... still have it today. I also have a 1970 Plonker trials bike and a Yankee Z. Still have a fondness for OSSA's and many other motorcycles. Thanks for the page Mats! 

David Nelson , Turlock, Ca. <>
- 2004-10-19
Missouri Vintage MX season finale. Greenwood, MO. Nov 7. Always a big turnout for this year end event. .9 mile natural terrain track used only for vintage bikes. Swap meet in the pits. Don't miss one of the best races of the year. No membership fees just come ride. Info at or call 816 220 8814, Thanks, Curtis Harper 

Curtis Harper <>
- 2004-10-19
Hello, My Name is Markus Knott I`m 16 Years old and I live in Wörth an der Donau, which is in Germany. I`ve got a problem! The problem is that I have a OSSA 350 Pionier in my garage and I don´t know how to give her a new face. With this message I want to ask for some help, which means, I need some information of the original face of my OSSA. PLEASE SEND ME SOME PICTURES!

Markus Knott Germany/Bavaria <>
- 2004-10-7
Dear Sirs, I am an italian motorcycles, classic off-road bikes, scooters, ape and cars dealer. I would like to inform you that I have a web site in Internet called: e-mail: Please look at it to see some examples of our machines for sale. Thank you and WELCOME in my web site: Regards. Toni Vico

toni vico italy <>
- 2004-9-10
I'm trying to locate a fly-wheel puller for a 1972 ossa 250 the bike is getting no spark.2 ignition components are missing off the bike. need tools to repair this bike so i can get it running. thank you 

rick phipps <>
- 2004-9-4
Used to own a MAR with a sidecar.

Royston - Brasil
- 2004-8-30
75 Ossa 350 Mar trials very nice original shape- any value or info appreciated

aMontana Cycles <>
- 2004-8-22
hey, i got a 250 and the ingnition is screwed, possible feedback would be greatly appreciated. Adam vanoene

Adam <>
- 2004-8-2
was a Calif. Gopher. Looking for stuff on scrambles from the 60's

John (Skaggs)LaRue Or. <>
- 2004-7-31
i love this site and i want to be a member please grant me access. thank you

tina kwik <>
- 2004-7-29
was once a member of Calif.Gophers looking for old photos & race stuff of the 60's ect.

John (skaggs) LaRue <>
- 2004-7-27
I'm currently fixing up a 1975 suzuki rl250 and i'm looking for nome handlebars and front forks. Or even anywhere that would be good to recondition the forks.

Matt From Newcastle <>
- 2004-7-26
have some NOS motor parts for i think a 350 MARS could be a 250 MARS since i owned both

charlie smith/OHIO <>
- 2004-7-25
I love your site keep it up

Ezeala <>
- 2004-7-22
I own a 1976 250 mar which I have restored and trial nearly every weekend.I have used the site for reference many times.

Roger Coles <>
- 2004-7-12
i have a 1975 ossa super pioneer 250 moto modle and i was wondering if you would like to buy it.

donald gow lompoc ca <>
- 2004-5-23
love your site

- 2004-5-20
Dear Mats, thanks a lot for your dedication and proud love to our OSSA dream. I am the owner of a 250 COPA F3, right now is under rebuilding, it was bought in a very poor condition, and slowly is recovering all the brightness. I have been searching all aroud about this bike, but unfortunately it looks not to be very popular among the OSSA fans. I would apreciate very much to have a copy of the workshop manual for this model (or a similar one) which includes the wiring diagram, etc. I will pay, if necessary, a resonable quantity for geting information about it. Do not hesitate to contact me any time for any reason. My best regards, and congratulations again for your web-page. Iñaki 

Iñaki Acasuso (SPAIN) <>
- 2004-5-18
I have an Ossamar and it has nothing broken and currently being restored. Do you like the email address?

richard evans <>
- 2004-5-14
I have a 1974 175 phantom bought used in 1978 and in perfect condition at the time and ran perfect until the magneto went south and has not ran since 1978 but has been kept in a shop eversince. Have lost mag and flywheel is anyone out there know where I can find these parts

Van Smith Brookhaven ms, <>
- 2004-5-12
Just bought a project ossa 197? 250cc and wanted to check out your site

Steve Sims <>
- 2004-5-9
I´ve got an 350cc Ossa Offroad Motorbike.

Markus Knott Germany <No>
- 2004-5-3
I am from Brasil. I was searching in the Santiago Herrero web, but the 9º page is out. Can you send me this page ? I have a wesite about 70's motorcycles and pilots. I need the Santiago Herrero history . Regards, Ricardo Pupo

Ricardo <>
- 2004-4-29

jason mullican <MULLYPUP@COMCAST.NET>
- 2004-4-29
Hi mat, really great site. Can anyone help me, I need a complete exhaust system including silencer for my 1976 OSSA MAR to finish restoration. Please email me with good>

- 2004-4-18
i use to have an ossa 250m.a.r with modifications by sammy miller i loved this bike and wish i still had today , but thats was back in the day, and back home in england .

arkansas usa
- 2004-4-17
thanks mat needed so much info to rebuild my mar after shed fire. I got it new in 72. I just keep finding all the info i really needed plus more and more absolutly great sites DAZZ

dazz streat yeppoon queensland australia <>
- 2004-4-6
Back in the early to mid 70's I started riding Dirt Motorcycles. My second motorcycle was a 1971 Ossa 175 Stilleto. After I put a Mukuni Carb on it and a a differnt pipe and the motorcycle was wonderful. It had the bottom end of a four stroke and a good mid range and great top end.It was a real fun motorcycle.Then I had did somthing stupid and traded it in on a 1975 Suzuki RM125. The RM had no bottom end and would stall alot. I messed up. I really think the OSSA was a great motorcycle. I miss it. I have a Husqvarna 1981 250 WR it is close to the OSSA. I have many motorcycles over the years but I always remenber how much fun the OSSA was I wish I could find one or that one. It was a silver 175 Stilleto with a Mukuni Carb and a upswep pipe that went on a Suzuki 1971 185 I would love to have that Motorcycle back Keep up ther good work James A. Koopman JAK Photography La Habra California USA

James A. Koopman <>
- 2004-4-5
Really great site! Have fond memories of working all summer to buy a used Ossa 125 Stilleto. If I had, had more sense would have bought a trials or enduro version. Bought quite a few pistons and bore jobs too;-) Looking to buy enduro or trials now. The Ossa was in class by itself in the dirt.

John Gregg <>
- 2004-4-5
I added a comment earlier and realized I failed to tell you that I think your site is very useful. So far I'm striking out with the e-mail addresses I've tried to contact (but I recognize that there are practical limits on how much attention one can spend an site maintaince.) Leave it up to us to keep our addresses up-to-date. Thank you for the site, Lee Dodge

Lee Dodge <>
- 2004-3-30
enjoyed the site. Have 2 ossa's that need restoring. Nice to find so many people with parts available. Will visit again when less tired. Thankyou.

- 2004-3-25
Great site! I am new to Ossa motorcycles and I will be roadracing a Phantom in the canadian vintage championship this coming summer. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who would be willing to share their experience on the subject. Cheers

Jean Landry, Montréal, Canada <>
- 2004-3-22
ALong with several vintage trials bikes is a 1972 MAR with a nickel plated frame. Antbody have an idea where that bike came from?(nickel plated frame) With the Green clover logo I should have posted this on St Patricks Day Regards, Lee 

Lee Dodge- Redwood City, California <>
- 2004-3-20
I have got a 1976 mar250 which I trial nearly every weekend.I found the correct year of the bike from your site.Cheers Roger (son pete)

Roger & Pete Coles Bristol England <>
- 2004-3-15
I am Luis Clington. My interest in your site is that Iam lookink for some symbols for Petroleom so that I can installs thems in my web pag.

Luis Claudio Clington <>
- 2004-3-14
I became intrested in OSSA motorcycles about ten years ago.I do some dirt track racing and purchased a stiletto TT and raced it in vintage and open classes.I also built and race an all orinagal ST_1 its beautiful!!I have another short track OSSA in what appears to be an early C&J frame its also verry nice.My friend that got me intrested in OSSAs has a DMR he still races it it is also in perfict shape.

Mitch Smith Cedar Rapids Iowa.USA <www.saxhomitch>
- 2004-3-10
Greetings Mats, Thank you for this wonderful site. I think it's the best vintage site going, you have provided many hours of great reading. I own several other brands of vintage dirtbikes (CZ,Montesa,Bultaco) and have recently picked up a couple of Pioneer relics. In fact these 2 machines are secsesive # bikes, 1970 sister bikes possibly made on the same day. They hade vines growing thru them and had weathered so long the wheels didn't roll and hade to be pushed to the truck. I have 1 very nice fresh roller between the 2 now and am in the process of rebuiding a engine. The material on this site has aided me greatly. I am going to purchase a 1971 MX bike soon, it's the year of the Ossa in my garage. Thank You, Tom Long

Tom Long , Stockton, N.J. USA <>
- 2004-3-4
HI i also own a montessa capra 250mx(1971)having trouble locating some parts if anyone can help please let me know many thanks andy

andy U.K <sheila sear03,s>
- 2004-2-25
Nice site and very complete and interesting. Thanks. Joaquim

Joaquim Boavida <>
- 2004-2-24
Enjoy your site! I own a '70 Bultaco Matador which I ran in many enduros and am now restoring (also a '74 Puch 175 with enduro kit which I built and which now has just over 500 miles on it). Nice to see this site on Ossas...many fond memories...a great bike! 

Bob Savary, Tolland, CT <>
- 2004-2-23
I just acquired a 1973 OSSA TRA Ser. No. M345466 Trials Bike. I do not know the CC yet. I am in the process of restoring it. Does anyone know the CC of this bike by the serial number? I was told it was a Mick Andrews replica.

Robert Heida - St. Louis, Missouri <>
- 2004-2-23
Hello regards Kjell

russel thomas <>
- 2004-2-17
congratulations for your web site. Emotions and strong feelings ;all ,we remenber ,Santi Herrero ("el torrito bravo") and the OSSA so long:ERIC

eric ERNAUT France <>
- 2004-2-14
I have had a Green 350 Trial since 1988. It is in need of a re-build due to a garage fire. I still can not patr with it as they get in your blood. I need a few parts Complet air filter box as it is now a melted plastic blob. A Complet Exhust System. A workshop manual would be nice. If anyone can help 

Ricky Hemel Hempstead UK <>
- 2004-2-5
This is my web-site and I decide what to publish. (Privat property!) This web-site is about OSSA motorcycles. Make your own web-site! And put out your email.

Mats N.
Why my previous comments was deleted, how about freedom of speach?
Moscow, USA - 2004-2-4
Just bought a 250 Trials. Needs a rebuild 'cos it's pretty rough. Looking forward to having a go at twin shock trials.

Mick Pearce. Aberdeen. Scotland. <>
- 2004-2-4
I am looking for any details about a racing bike build in france by Marcel Seurat under the name Seurat Yankee.It was an home made frame whith a 500 yankee ossa engine.This bike was runing in 72 and 73'.Bol d'or 72' for example. Thinks christian 

christian Dubreucq <>
- 2004-2-4
I have visited you site before, very interseting. I have three Ossa Two MAr and a Gripper that I am restoring plus a collecyion of parts that may one day be a Phantom, watch this space.

Dave Yeovil UK <>
- 2004-2-2
yes im looking for a phantom preferable running i was wondering if someone had one that they might trade for a 1989 kx125

robery perry roxboro nc <>
- 2004-1-23
Hi, My name is Jaime, I´m from Spain and I need your help. In this moments I am making a new web page about the Spanish Motorcycles, the name is : , and I need to find pictures of the next Ossa´s models : - Stiletto 250 TT - Phantom 175 AS 74 - Trial 250/77 Verde (Green) Do you have someone of this pictures???, can you help me??? Thaks in advance and congratulations for your fantastic Web Site!!!! Best regards Jaime

Jaime Bros (Spain) <>
- 2004-1-22
30 year onwner of dmr sn 99 01 083 

- 2004-1-18
Great website thanks for all the info. Recently got a 350 MAR in a basket for a winter project, looking forward to getting it all cleaned up and running. Please include me in any newsletters etc. Thanks, Tom 

Tom Bak Toronto, Canada <>
- 2004-1-15
My dad had a 1974 Ossa 250 Pioneer. What an awesome motorcycle. It was only a 4 speed, but it handled so good.

Mike Sharky
- 2004-1-13
my dad has a 69 ossa trials bike that has been sittingg what a older bike like that would go for even in a fixer up ondition after sittin so long 

Mark in Morgan Hill, CA <>
- 2004-1-13
I have an Ossa MAR 250cc 1972. I would like to be included in any newsletters etc. Thanks PAUL

Paul Scott N.E.England <>
- 2004-1-12
J'ai consulté ce jour votre site. Je vous remercie de réunir les passionnés de OSSA dans le monde. Je vous assure que tous mes efforts sont destinés à promouvoir et à perpétuer l'image de OSSA et de Santiago HERRERO sans oublier Eduardo Giro, le père de la monocoque. Actuellement je suis sur la construction d'une 500 Yankee monocoque. C'est celle qui était en projet à l'usine OSSA en 1970.Projet qui n'a pas été poursuivi suite à la disparition de Santi. Merci de m'avoir mis en image sur se site. Je vous tiendrai informé de l'avancement de ma construction. Tous mes voeux de réalisation dans vos projets. Miro (Robert ALLOYAN)

Robert ALLOYAN dit Miro (France)
- 2004-1-11
work for a dealer and sold them new

john deems missouri <>
- 2004-1-11
Looking for any Information on Soriano Boat Motors. They where built by OSSA in the early 30's. THANKS!!

Marc H. <>
- 2004-1-4
A friend gave me a 250 MAR with a Whitehawk nickel plated frame and I would like some INFO on it if any one out there could help???? Thanks Marv PS not withawk frame Whitehalk!!!!!! Thanks

Marv mason <>
- 2003-12-30
This is a terrific site. Thanks Mats. I have just become an OSSA person after buying an Explorer fitted with MAR tank and seat. It took three years to buy because I wanted to be sure the owner really wanted to sell it. My thing is Post Classic Observed Trials competition and I have always wanted an OSSA due to the Mick Andrews pedigree. I am 44 and have been competing in Observed Trials since 1974. Your site has been very helpful for learning about some OSSAs which I would not have otherwise have known about. The only OSSAs I knew of from the 1970s are the MAR, Explorer, SDR Pioneer, Super Pioneer, Phantom and Desert Phantom. The SDR and Super Pioneer were both very popular in Reliability Trials at the time here in OZ. The other models I see and read about on the web are all new to me and quite fascinating. Please keep it up. Thankyou David Lahey

David Lahey Queensland Australia <>
- 2003-12-28
nice web site. lots of good stuff. i worked for yankee motor co. as national servive manager in the late 1970's. i built the first st1 short track bikes also. keep up the good work. steve

steve levi usa <>
- 2003-12-28
I own a 1975 Carabella Marquesa 175MX in great condition. I am looking for information on this bike. 

Jerry Cranmore Munith, MI <>
- 2003-12-27
I enjoyed your site very,very much. I am looking for photos, parts and information on the 1970 Ossa Plonker that I have.Once again thank-you, Roger 775-246-3729

Roger Liddicoatt Dayton Nevada <>
- 2003-12-24

- 2003-12-19
I love your site. OSSA was the best motorcycle ever built that I know of. I bought a Pioneer in 1971 and that resulted in at least a dozen others being bought. Thank you for making so much knowledge avaible to all the OSSA fans. Hopefully I will be able to rebuilt a Stilleto that my brother put in the frame of a 125 Phantom. The power band of the Stilleto is unbelievable in the light weight frame. During the years the entire left side of the motor disappeared along with the seat, rear fender, and air cleaner housing.

Terry Garibay Hot Springs Arkansas U.S.A. <>
- 2003-12-18
I am and have been looking for an ossa stilleto around 1969 and 1970 and if you may come across one could you please keep me in mind. My Father owned an ossa shop in Louisiana and all i remember in my mind since he passed is the motorcycles i used to sit on when i went to work with him. It would mean alot to me if you let me know please Thanks Richard

Richard Manning <>
- 2003-12-12
Matt thanks for having this web site for all the Ossa lovers out there !!!!I had the oppe.Irtunity of riding many enduros back in the 70's here in Michigan I really hate to let them go but my wife and I are moving soon and there won't be room to keep them.I have a 76 350 Moutaineer,(2)75 250 Phantoms one with Bolger suspension (1) 75 SDR (red/white)If you know somebody out there that might be intrested they all need work they have been sitting for about 10/12 years I also have shop manual OSSA Banner OSSA part # book for all models 72/76 with prices (70's)They can contact me via cell 1(313)3308387 JIM or E-Mail or Jim Gilsbach 7492 Chatham Deroit MI 48239 USA We will be moving in January 2004 (retiring) thanks again Mr.J.Gilsbach PS also have a bike trailer togo with it all (must take all)make offer

Jim Gilsbach Detroit MI USA <>
- 2003-12-10
>In the mid 70's The Ossa was a very popular bike in Shiloh N.J My friend had a six day racer and a phantom.The first motorcycle I ever rode was a 250 ossa it was red and white.I was 10 at the time.I didnt know how to shift it at the time.It was 1970.What model do think it was?I don't know. 

Frank Robinson Seattle WA <>
- 2003-12-3
Great Site. I had a 1972 Ossa TT racer called a DMR special. Just bought a stilleto which I will restore to look like the TT racer. Have you ever heard the bike called a DMR before? (Dick Mann Replica I think) 

Tom Trudeau <>
- 2003-11-22
I used to own a Dick Man Replica and raced ammateure dirt track for several years in Indiana. An increadible machine! Wouldn't mind having it back so I could restore it.

Steve Walsh, North Bend, WA <>
- 2003-11-18
Rebuilding a Yankee 500, a bike I first owned 30 years ago. Hope to ride in ISDT/RR and other Ossa / Yankee meets. Web site here, under construction:

Great web site, thanks for the work. Dave
Dave Seitz, Niskayuna, NY <>
- 2003-11-12
Hi Mat Great site. I am rebuilding an explorer and would be greatful if any one could let me know the best auto paint colour match for the gold paint used also I require a pair of tank badges if any one knows where I can buy these.

Gary Bristol England <>
- 2003-11-5
Great site - most interesting I did not realise there was anything like it until a friend of mine sugested I look up Ossa on the web. I have a 1976 MAR that I have owned for 5 yrs. and intend to rebuild it next Iear so I will be back to the site begging and buying bits.

Neill Reardon <>
- 2003-10-29
very nice page Im looking for a GP2 or GP3 Im located in New York City any help would be apreciated thanks Larry

Larry Spielfogel <>
- 2003-10-19
Sorry for my english, but I don't write very well. My father is making an Ossa for race, Do you know the original race colors of ossa?. Thank you.

juanjo (Durango, Basque country <>
- 2003-10-16
I have a 1974 MAR250 that I ride in classic trials, and a 1974 Explorer 250. Both are in very good unmolested timewarp condition (ie authentic and unrestored). But I'm not a true believer, as my main motorcycling activity is historic road racing on TZ Yamahas: 250, 350, and 750 - still 2-strokes, though...

Pete Jones, Auckland, New Zealand <>
- 2003-10-16
do you know of a phantom or a GP3 or a MAR either 250 or 350 for sale must be clean original bikes email me

Larry < >
- 2003-10-13
Excellent site-1eep in touch

Peter Remington <joan>
- 2003-10-5
Good job!!! Here, i put some photos and articles (in french!!!)you can use. They come from the french motorcycle press of the time:

Bertrand, Paris <>
- 2003-10-5
Hi I just found a ossa trials 72 250 I believe they are called a plonker?Mostley complete except for tail light rear fender has somthing called the mudder I believe that was added and I am not sure about the handle bar switch as it has a blinker switch ?And the motor will not shut off !But a fun bike !! Regars Wayne worachek

Wayne Worachek Algoma Wisconsin <>
ek- 2003-10-3
Great site- It's now my home page and also a great source of info on our much loved Ossas.I can't wait to get my 250 MAR restored and out in the woods again.

Jim Fisher. Rochester, England.
- 2003-9-23
Hi mat.ive got an ossa mar 250 that i still use for trials. i recently bought it for £500 totaly original.

lewisbarber england <>
- 2003-9-17

- 2003-9-13
Restoring a 1972 250 Pioneer.

Mike Husted Tulsa, OK (USA) <>
- 2003-8-29

- 2003-tm27
I raced 1/4 mile flat track with an Ossa 250-DMR back in the 70's. That was one great handling bike. Beautiful to look at and a handfull of raw power. Very dependable and a real sturdy machine. One strong memory I have of a racing was of a wreck I had right in front of the stands in turn 1 one night. There was a tiny dude riding a twin Yamaha who fell in front of me so that he and his bike blocked the track. I had a choice of running over him or his bike. I'll never forget his eyes looking up at my wide front tire from inside his helmet. I somehow managed to turn so that I hit his bike instead of him, sending me over the handlebars and flying down the track like superman. I must have sailed for 15 to 20 feet before I skidded to a landing. I remember laying there and thinking "well that wasn't so bad". Little did I know that my 200 lb bike had meanwhile been doing flips overhead and was on the way down. It landed front wheel first right onto my back and felt like a ton of bricks. I didn't know w tch was worse, realizing I could no longer breathe or the sound of the crowd crying out and women screaming at the sight of my apparent demise. My father was in the stands and actually scaled a 8' fence to get to my side. Happily, I was not hurt that bad and after a rest in the ambulance I later turned out for another heat. That big, tough Ossa was no worse for wear. Fond memories indeed. Unfortunately, I have few pictures of my DMR and no technical data on the bike. If anyone has some, please email me some info. God how I wish I still had that bike! Thanks for your effort - Great site! - Steve

Steve Eubanks <>
- 2003-7-16
i bought a ossa trial bike in 74. i sold it later and have been sorry about it everyday. it was a great deal of fun for me to ride this well make motorcycle, it because part of me when i was riding. i would like to buy another, can you give me a dealer in the arkansas area
- 2003-7-10
Can't forget the great Santiago Herrero and the fateful 10/6/70..
Jack ( Saudi Arabia)
- 2003-7-2

Please tell us more about your memories Jack.
Email them to me.
Mats N. 

Hi, I really enjoyed your page and the stories, interesting and educational
Krister Ögren
- 2003-6-27
I've recently acquired an OSSA 250 Explorer, serial #B332243.So it was made from 1973-75. Does anyone know more? It needs TLC and some rebuilding but engine runs great. Need info, manuals, etc. Thanks, Kenn
Kenn James, Edmonton, Alberta Canada <>
- 2003-6-26
i have an ossa 350 mar trial from 1976. i havent got papers. can i bring it on the streats, and what do i have to do. i live in the flanders, you are from belgium. 
Pascal Belgium <>
- 2003-6-25
Compré una Ossa sport 175 en Barcelona y no encuentro el manual para poder restaurarla¿Pueden ayudarme?
- 2003-6-13
dad and myself had Pioneers in the 70`s. However are first OSSA was a 68 4sp (230 cc ?) that was purchased and ridden in Spain. When he transfered back to US he bought the bike back with him. Currently getting ramped up for a 71 MAR resto.
John Edwards New Baltimore Michigan <>
- 2003-6-11
Great site, I have a 1975/6 244 MAR in a cheney monoshock frame (see Don Morley's Classic Spanish Trials Bikes pages 154/155. Does anybody have any tips on jetting a mikuni carb for a 244? I bought one, but the supplier had no info for ossas so I had it jetted for a 250 Sherpa and bought pilot and main jets either side of the standard Sherpa settings - any ifo welcome. John. 
uk <>
- 2003-6-8
Kul site! Gillar gamla bilar och hojar (särskilt sånt som går "off-road")...
Kjelle, Stockholm (SE)/Skärholmen <>
- 2003-5-28
ive injoyed your site its great!!! i used to race mx back in the 70s and did very will with ossa,s but my body payed the price. im looking for a gpII 250 it was the last mx,er i owned. again, nice job on your site. 
dennis neikes <>
- 2003-5-27
hi, i'm looking for a cool picture i remember as a kid it's ian anderson (jethro tull) wh elyin ' an ossa through a mud puddle with big scarey hair. it was in dirt bike magazine in the 73-79 era love old bikes, want to start a vintage collection ! cool website moe
moe donnelly seattle <>
- 2003-5-24

Is this the pictures you are talking about? Klick!. Klick2!
Mats N.

I was an Ossa dealer from 1971-1975 in Gainesville, FL. While standing in tech inspection line for amateur roadracers at the March, Daytona races, I overheard 2 fellows behind me in line speaking of a stash of orphan ossa Wildfires/& parts in Pennsylvania. I spoke up and got what it took to follow up on this rumor. The previous US importer had sold out to John Taylor (the new importer, Yankee Motors) and still had 6 bikes and a few new dealer parts kits leftover. I bought the entire lot sight urseen for $500, and drove to PA to pick up my prize. 6- 175 cc Wildfires (all new, but in various states of completion , and enough parts to keep them running for a while. My pals and I split up the fleet ,terrorized the city streets and local racetracks for a few years.My first roadrace was on one of the Wildfires at Palm Beach Intl Raceway(now Moroso Park) which I won. This love affair was frustrating as we knew new 250cc Wildfires existed, but not for US import. As an Ossa dealer, I was aware at the time, the 250cc Pioneer was very popular, but not available in Spain. I took the initiative to call the Ossa dealer in Barcelona, and arrange simulataneous orders for 6 Wildfires for him, and 6 Pioneers for me. He agreed to go to the shipping dept in Spain and switched paperwork so that we each received the others order. It worked!! In a few weeks I received 6- 1971 250cc Wildfires with red/silver fiberglass tanks, 4 sp trans and the worlds worst street bike elec system. Again, my buddies and I shared the bikes, starting a whole new chapter of fun. The first ever motorcycle roadrace at Road Atlanta was the 1973 AMA Yamaha Paper Cup. It was promoted with much fanfare. I entered one of the new 4sp bikes in the 250 procduction class. This class was made up of a zillion Yamaha twins, few Suz twins, coupla Duc 250s, Bultaco Metrallas and me. To the utter shock of all, I won this event going away. This prompted Yankee Motors, the importer, to run a large ad in Cycle News celebrating the underdog singles victory over the dominate Yams of the day. It seems so long ago, but to good of a true old story not to share...... Arthur Kowitz
Arthur Kowitz; Daytona Beach <>
- 2003-5-17
I'm still riding enduros & harescrambles in the setra series at 55 and having a blast.I started in '72 on an ossa pioneer and have had a thing for them ever since,so about 4 years ago when I ran across 3 rough bikes I couldn't resist.Since then the addiction has gotten worse.Now I have 17 of them,including:(2)'74 phantoms,(1)75 phantom,a very nice '71 stiletto,a very nice '73 SDR,a low mileage Yankee,a wildfire that I'm collecting parts for,a stilleto that I'm building for short track,& a host of 4&5 speed pioneers ranging from parts bikes to complete/almost-running bikes.As you might have guessed this has gotten a little out of control,but this habit is better than many others I could have.There is one thing maybe someone reading this could help me with.On my Wildfire project I need:a complete frontend,a rear wheel,the fiberglass shroud between the engine and rear tire,an exhaust system,and many other small pieces.I would appreciate any help on locating these parts or a parts bike.this is for the 250 model w/fiberglass tank.I can also be reached by phone at:423-400-0568(cell) or 423-490-1263 (home).Also would like to say what a thrill it is to find and peruse this site (I'm completely new to the web/computer community)also how surprised I am to see this much interest in the bike I feel is the best kept secret in moyorcycling.Thanks Mats,keep up the good work.Also,would like to hear from others in southeast especially with this "affliction".Best to all OSSA lovers out there. Steve C."Fossil"
Steve Chancey Chattanooga ,Tn. <>
- 2003-5-16
I own a 1973 Ossa SDR 250. It is almost complete, but I am looking to get the lighting system running again. Any extra info and parts are always helpful. This site has been a lot of help, keep up the good work! 
Kris J. , Schenectady, NY <>
- 2003-5-8
Own a Ossa short tracker. 1969 engine in Red Line frame. Built in winter of 69/70
Jack Forrester,Apopka, Fl. usa <>
- 2003-5-6
I need a magneto cover, a carb and a clutch lever (gearbox end) for a MAR 350, anyone got any of these or know where I can get them? Thanks!
Keith - Blackburn <>
- 2003-5-2
I have a freind named Steve Rhode (44) who use to ride isdt in the 1970's. He is a farm boy from Omaha. I am trying to find any old magazines,articles,photos, or website that I could look up past riders. Thanks, Pam 
Pam Royal, Tucson, Az. <>
- 2003-5-1
My first OSSA was a '69 Stiletto I raced moto x and desert in So. Cal. early in the 70's. Later I bought a '69 230 Wildfire which I rode on the street for a year then went club racing at Riverside, Carlsbad, Ontario Motor Speedway and the old Orange County Dragstrip road course. 250 Prod. was a gas. I could eat 250 Yams braking and in the corners. Nobody could touch Wally Kopecnic(sp?) on the ugliest X-6 Suzuki you ever saw. Dave somebody had a more modified OSSA that would kick my butt when hwe showed up. I moved north in 1980 and still have the bike. I last had it running in about '85. Maybe it's time to get the old girl going again. Terrific site. Ossa's were and are great scooters.
Larry White, Post Falls, ID <>
- 2003-4-30
Patrick Thollas - France <>
- 2003-4-29
- 2003-4-29
Hi Mat, What a great site and source of information. I've just purchased two Ossa Explorers, one I'll restore and put on the road, the other I'd like to convert into a MAR -(Replica)and go trialing. From your site I've realised what a network of enthusiasts there are and I think I've sourced suppliers of most cosmetic stuff in Australia (Melbourne).
Keith Mitchell <>
- 2003-4-26
Wanted; 1 OSSA Wildfire basket case to restore, help please!
james (vermont) <>
- 2003-4-19
I need the value of a 1974 Hodaka 125. It has very low miledge, in the 200's. It belonged to my dad, he passed away in Oct, 2002. I need this info for my mother. Thank you, Cheryl
Cheryl -WI <>
- 2003-4-15
Hello, I mail you from Belgium, I've just bought 2 Ossa 125cc, can you please mail me some informations about them and I need some parts for them, can you help me ?
Martin Jf Belgium <>
- 2003-4-15
I'd like to build up (I'm a TIG welder)an Herrero Replica. But first I need very much information about the original bike. Is there anyone who could give me some tips, links etc. And of course: is it possible to find a same type of engine?
Bert Finland <>
- 2003-4-12
- 2003-4-11
Hello Mats.Just browsing trough your very nice OSSA website,I thought just for the interest I should let you know that the 1973 SDR Ossa was my creation. In 1971 I was a OSSA dealer in Canada.For the 1971 ISDT on the ISLE of MAN I took a 250 STILETTO and a Pioneer and build a NEW WHITE OSSA 6 day bike combining the best items of both models.Not only winning a GOLD medal(the very first for CANADA)but winning the final roadrace the OSSA factory team managers came to interview me about this special OSSA bike they never had seen,and took a lot of pictures of my OSSA.In 1973 OSSA brought a copy of my creation to the World market,a WHITE SDR .I am very proud that my work was good enough to be accepted by the OSSA factory.To bad OSSA is not existing anymore.(except in the hands of Vintage bike lovers)Greetings from Canada,Helmut Clasen.For more of my 50 years motorsport involvement click on my webpage above. Have fun.
Helmut Clasen(Clasen Motors)Dundas Ontario Canada <>
- 2003-4-9
Stewart Morris SC <>
- 2003-2-26
I have lots of ossa parts former dealer let me know what you are looking for or call me at 802 228 3000
Brant Holden <>
- 2003-2-25
I own two 1972 ossa pioneers. one of them runs and the other is is getting restored.
matt /pennsylvania
- 2003-2-25
Just found: 1974 OSSA Phantom with ZERO miles, never ridden, never registered! Been sitting in garage since new. Frame

Don Hedges (California USA) <>
- 2003-2-24

nice website
Yana Dimitrova <Yana Dimitrova>
- 2003-2-23
I have a 250 Super Pioneer
Gary Hamilton,Melbourne-Australia <>
- 2003-2-23
trying to find a manual for 250ttr yamaha
- 2003-2-22
I presently own a 1970 american enduro inoriginal cond. I need a fuel tank. Help would be appreciated!
Gene Grimm eightyfour pa. usa <>
- 2003-2-20
- 2003-2-17
Ossa rider since 1970. Currently have 1972 250cc MAR and 1972 250cc Pioneer. Started riding Ossas on a 1970 4 speed Plonker. Would dearly love to find 1970 Plonker again. 
Wayne Stambaugh Cairo, Georgia <>
- 2003-2-16
I want to know all about Soriano. Nice picture. The only Soriano-motor in Sweden is said to be into a concrete wall. W.A.Gustavsson had the Swedish speed record 1932 at 81,4 km/h. Regards / Henry RBF/Classic Race Boat Club
Henry Johansson Kungsör Sweden <>
- 2003-2-15
Ron Hansard <>
- 2003-2-14
Own a yellow gripper. 
Rulon Pope <>
- 2003-2-13
Does anybody know how to contact John Burrows in Melbourne Australia? I'd like to invite him to ride the 2003 ISDT Reunion Ride in the Berkshires on the same works OSSA he rode in the US ISDT in 1973 (I still own the machine).
Dave Latham, Massachusetts <>
- 2003-2-12
I have a ossa #343692 white tank with blue stripe. Want to restore but would like some pictures first. can you help thankyou dave
dave kamanski utah <>
- 2003-1-9
great site! always loved the ossa`s and currently own a 71 montesa capra 250, and a lot of triumphs!
kllrjo\tampa fla, usa <>
- 2003-1-8
La bible! Ce site est la bible de tous les passionnés de Ossa, et on est nombreux apparemment... Je possède deux 250 Super Pioneer 1975, mais je ne compte pas m'arreter là!Merci Mats pour les bons moments passés sur ton site!Pascal
Pascal PAULET - Mende - France <>
- 2003-1-4
Mats,Great site...My name is Alan Dye and I am an old OSSA factory racer from way back. Dick Mann, Glenn Vincent and I rode were the first factory team. I rode and designed for them some 5 years. I am building a Santiago Herro replica...well almost. The monocoque frame is next year. This year Keith Lynas has finished up most of the engine...I will do the rest...The chassis is a special and total weight under 200 lbs with close to 50 hp out of the engine. On my webpage I will have a special area just for OSSA and Yankee Road Racers and will be looking for Santiago pictures to the hero section....Just a anyone reading this and if you have a OSSA or Yankee road racer...or anything about Santiago get them out or put them into a place where you know where they are. I want to put together a page just for the road racing.Thanks again,Alan Dye
Alan Dye / VintagewerX <>
- 2003-0-22
finalmente un sito dedicato alla ossa! sono tornato in possesso di una ossa 250 mar,dopo 20 anni.E' stata la stessa grande emozione di allora.cerco ricambi(parafanghi anteriore e posteriore)
pepperecchia <>
- 2003-0-18
great site I owned 2 ossa's in the 70's thru about 83 when I sold my phantom 250, I had a 74 250 Pioneer before that, I would love to ge my hands on one in good shape, or even a yankee 500...those were the days.
Bryan Tietz <>
- 2003-0-14
A former Ossa owner - 
Philip Belgium <>
- 2003-0-12
I had a well used Stiletto 250 in the mid 70s'.Ugly but fast for a 15 year old kid. Thanks for the neat site! 
John Ames Sutter,California. <>
- 2003-0-4
Dear Mats.Best Regards for 2003.Thanks for a brilliant site, packed full of info.Like many others I did not know about Ossa, began by producing projectors.To other visitors to your site.Please take a look at a UK site I am developing exclusively for twinshocks and Pre 65
MIke Meadows <>
- 2003-0-2
Grcias por esta pagina dedicada a la moto OSSA.Puedes visitarme en
Andres Menendez-Spain <>
- 2002-11-29
I'm an old kawasaki/ honda guy, but I have always admired the Ossa's from the 70's. I ecspecially liked the trials machines. That green and white tank combined with the chassis really had me stoked. I have never ridden an Ossa or been around them or any friends of mine that owned them. They were quite a rarity in my area. Thanks for having this web site. I just may get a T-shirt. One last item. Years ago 1974 to be specific, I was a starving student down in AMI, Daytona Beach, there was an Ossa in our room of dead bikes to fiddle with. Most students would open up engines and loose intrest and just leave the bikes in boxes. Rules were that we had to go to the dead engine area before we were allowed to touch anything that was worth something. I rummaged around the room of about 30 bikes(if you wanted to call carcasses bikes). A white and green tank with the Ossa symbol struck my eye. The tank was in faily good condition, just some brown gas stains. There must be more of this bike around here,I thought to myself. I spent a whole week in that room. Searching every box and under every Honda multi. Lots of dead Honda 750's. Seems that no one knew how to take care of this machine. I found the top end, the cases,tranny. Now the hard parts....frame, what did an Ossa frame look like? What did the rims and the hubs look like? Yes, these items were disassembled as well. Cables and controls? I spent time looking at old "Dirt Bike" magazines just to picture the machine. We had no Ossa manuals. It was amazing to me that I found Bultaco part, Montessa parts and Carabella parts and I thought that these might be Ossa parts. But I knew Honda/Kawasaki/Yamaha/Suzuki tranny parts in with the others were not right. It just took me a while with the unfamiliar parts to me. It was time for me to move to the next realm of training and I had to leave the dead engine lab behind. I had the Ossa engine assembled with homemade gaskets of proper clearances and mounted in the frame with wheels on it, and a seat and a beautiful tank. I was still looking for the ignition system when I had to move on. I have returned to AMI yearly over the last 28 years and yes there is an Ossa there. One year it was right next to a TZ-750. Wow I wonder were they found that one!
Dan Nelson/ Ladd, Ill. <>
- 2002-11-22
Picked up two OSSA Pioneers for $75.00 1971-175, 1972-125, I believe? Both not bad with extra parts but still will need work. Was told they were street legal and still could be. Am looking for some good parts info and possible value. Feel free to email think bikes would be definite headturners on street. Thanks. Chris
chris dallam <>
- 2002-11-18
started riding ossa,s on a 250 mar in 1976 great bike. then i bought an ossa 250 phantom gp 3 from bill brown motorcycles in cumbria started racing in the northern center a.c.u. sold the bike to a guy from rochdale in 1984.
neil spencer yorkshire england <>
- 2002-11-15
I start riding motorbikes with an OSSA MAR 350!!! Great site!!!
Oriol Icart, Barcelona (Catalunya) <>
- 2002-11-13
Great site,keep up the good work! Any info regarding help with restoring my Ossa 250 would be greatly appreciated, Also how do I identify which Ossa I have, I think it might have started life as an Explorer!
Jim Fisher, Kent, England. <>
- 2002-11-4
i have got to ossa trial bikes one 1972 i am rebuilding and one 1975 i am riding in trial computitons at the moment.AGE: 17
david honeybun england dorset <>
- 2002-10-28
Hi guys, 'm the proud owner of a 1975 Phantom 250 GP. I'm going to complete the restoration and the bike is very very close to the original. Here is north west Italy and around here Phantoms r not many, 've been luky to put my hands on it. Take care. Ennio
Ennio - Torino city - North West Italy <>
- 2002-10-18
i read a message from Ron Brown, on your message board, he lives in newark, ny, which is very close to me (5 mi). i have tried to contact him via e-mail link left at the end of his message, but it gets returned every time for "fatal errors" at his location. if you are out ther ron, contact me at my e-mail, the way, this is one of the greatest websites i have ever visited. keep up the good work, and thank you very much mats, you are to be commended for this great effort.scott
Scott Beckens, Sodus, N.Y., USA <>
- 2002-10-18
Hello MatsI have just got a 250 trial from 1976, I found it in herning stumpemarked, it is imported from italy.Do you know who was the importer in denmark.Carl Andersen motorcykler??regards Peter
peter hansen denmark <>
- 2002-10-12
love ossa,s 
warra qld
- 2002-10-12
roberto de argentina <ROBERTO101@CIUDAD.COM.AR>
- 2002-10-9
Own a 1971 Stiletto scrambler, ran it 5 years, scrambles, moto-x, hillclimbs, short track & tt. In 1973 set it up for left turns only, DMR Spec timing, rt. side pipe, disc & spool. Never ever was beat to the first turn. Have not run it in years, lower engine cases have lots of "metal fatigue" hairline cracks, seeps a little. Probably one of the toughest machines ever built. Would consider engine restoration but cannot locate parts and tools "cush-drive puller", mainly. Anyone here in the midwest that may have knowledge, look me up on my website at e-mail address. Glad to see someone took time to set-up this site. My old Ossa is quite the memory lane trip, extraordinaire!
Larry Rohovit (Roho) <>
- 2002-10-4
I, wand your company guestbook.
edmondkekus <>
- 2002-10-1
Queridos amigos: Estoy interesado en encontrar un proyector ossade 35mm en buen estado. Quien disponga de uno y quiera venderloque se ponga en contacto conmigo. Telf. 617 23 21 04 Preguntar porManuel.
Manuel Narbona Barcelona (España) <>
- 2002-9-31
I have an compleatly 250 explorerfrom my father ,i had a mar 250 from 1972.i need 2 pairs of tank emblems, tank, rear fender,side covers under the seat.great side best wishes to all ossa owners in the
Matthias Himmelmann Deutschland <>
- 2002-9-22
I have a Ossa 350 mar , First one off the production line in 1977 serial# 581-001. Looking forward to restoration.Wonder if you might know were I could find a decal kit, rear fender, tank badges, manual - GREAT SITE.- THANKS.
Ken Russell - Canada <>
- 2002-9-22
Hace cinco o seis años, descubrí tu página, recuerdo que me extrañó mucho que la única página en la red dedicada a una marca mítica catalana, fuese la de un sueco!!, yo,por mi parte, soy un gran aficionado a las motos OSSA, en mi juventud, las admiré en Montjuïc, y he visto correr a Santi Herrero en la Rabassada y a Victor Palomo en las subidas en cuesta, ganando los dos,claro, en fin, han sido siempre mi pasión. Gracias Matt, por haber construido una página tan elegante y informada. No sé donde podríamos conseguir alguna foto de la 500 que probó Phil Read en Monza. La buscaré.
Jose Antonio Sierra Grande
- 2002-9-18
- 2002-9-10
I really should take this message away but what the hell!
Clive, give me your email and I will answer you anything you want to know!
Mats N. 
I would just like to thak you for your web site it has be vary helpfull,i recentling perchased a 73'stiletto TT scrambler and really appreciate the manual section. It was a lot of help.
David Bateman <>
- 2002-8-30
Hello, My name is Guillermo Llibre, I'm from Barcelona. I'm restoring my OSSA Enduro 250 cc 4 speeds of December of 1969 with the number B-252.400 of chassis. I'm finishing the restore but when I wanted to restore the electric instalation which I took off 30 years ago I don't know the conection of the electric cable. From the motor raise 5 electric cables.The black one goes to the bobbin, the blue cable goes to the bobbin too and this cable come back ( is from the motor stop ? )the purple,the red and the pink.I have to conect the 4 cables: blue, purple, red and pink Can you help me and tell me how to conect all the cables? Thank you very much for your colaboration, I'm waiting for your answer. Yours faithfully. Hola, Soy Guillermo de Barcelona que estoy restaurando mi OSSA Enduro 250 cc 4 marchas de Diciembre de 1969 con número bastidor B-252.400. Estoy en la recta final y al ir a restaurar la instalación eléctrica que había retirado hace 30 años (faro y bocina incluidos para la competición ) me encuentro que desconozco las conexiones de los cables eléctricos. Desde el motor suben 5 cables.negro que se va a la bobina azul que se va a la bobina y también regresa ( es el de paro ? )lilarojorosaTengo que conectar los 4 cables: azul, lila, rojo y rosa ¿ puedes indicarme a que corresponde cada color? Agradeciendo de antemano tu colaboración quedo a tu disposición y a la espera de tus prontas noticias. Un cordial saludo. 
Guillermo Llibre <>
- 2002-8-29
Í'am the daughter of Manuel Giro. Thank you bery much for your enthusiastic support for OSSA!!!All the best, and good luck.Stella Giró.
Stella Giro <>
- 2002-8-29
i have a 1987 husqvarna 510 4 stroke and need the coil that is compatible with motoplat stator.....HELP!!!!!
troy skuratow <>
- 2002-8-24
Hi Mats, Fantastic site for all Ossa enthusiasts. I am currently restoring a '74 250 MAR, do you know where I can get a full decal set, tank and side panels - Thick green stripe with twin gold coach lines either side?
Neil Atkinson, Yorkshire <>
- 2002-8-23
I have a 1970 Ossa Wildfire I bought in 1974 it is in storage and will be restored shortly
Graham Goold Australia
- 2002-8-18
I like very much this web! Good job! I woulhr> I like very much this web! Good job! I would like that you show more information about engines, exhaush, electric systems..
Chus. Torrelavega (Cantabria) Spain <>
- 2002-8-17
Dear Mats, I found your great site and was very impressed. I own a 1973 AE Enduro or (SDR) which I have restored with the help of a guy which is recommended at your site. I like this bike very much and wished to own it since I saw a movie with Terence Hill in 1974, he drove exactly this bike in a long sequence. We started to enjoy Enduro Classic Events here in Germany. I also own a 1977 Puch Frigerio 250 GS and a friend of me owns a 1976 Aspes Hopi 125 in fantastic condition. If you want, we could arrange to sent you some photographs. Kind regards Harald Morgalla, Germany

Harald Morgalla Germany <>
- 2002-8-16
owners of OSSA.Very happy to find your site. I can help somebody to find all ossas made in Europe.I'm not professional, and can exchange moto from here with U.S. OSSA... Tel : 0555666593 VIVA OSSA

Olivier Barthoux/France/Limoges <>
- 2002-8-8
P.S could you tell me which year the bike was built? Thankyou. D.Neville 

Dale England <>
- 2002-8-7
realised i have an original mar 250 B-231 655. I am moving to spain is it worth taking with me? 

Dale England <>
- 2002-8-7
I own a 1972 OSSA 175 Enduro. I bought it new. I am hoping to restore it. 

Larry West , Jr. Anderson, IN <>
- 2002-8-5
I just purchased a 1971 Pioneer 175 with the transmission stuck on ebay. Original owner states that it locked up at 75 mph in fifth gear.Any advice on choosing a repair shop would be appreciated. Bike has sat since 1975,and is very nice. Looking forward to trailriding it. 

Jim Smith Wexford Pa. <>
- 2002-8-3
sono di nuovo in possesso di un ossa 250 mar.è come 22 aani fa.stesso entusiasmo.stesso gusto.saluti.

peppe recchia-italy
- 2002-7-28
FOR SALE I have a 1970 ossa for sale It needs Work (restoration) 

Keith Wilkinson Northern Utah.USA <>
- 2002-7-27
Busco quien venda repuesto de ossa yankee

Carlos La Rioja Spain
- 2002-7-25
Hi! I have a 250TT Stiletto which I rode for years and has now been in storage since 1986. I am just getting ready for a full restoration and found your page. Keep it going.

Bill Everett <>
- 2002-7-23
i have an ossa pioneer250ae enduro,all original,runs great,very fast! i am looking to seell it but im not quit shore what its worth so gime an email if ur intrested

paul spicer,deptford <>
- 2002-7-20
Ven OSSA PIONER en bon estat, matricula B-BB I sent OSSA PIONER 

antoni carne <>
- 2002-7-13
One of the best sites on the web. Thanks Mats.I raced both a Phantom and a Stiletto in the 70's and have always had a soft spot for Ossa's. About a year ago I bought and restored a '72 MAR (I still think it's the "prettiest" dirt bike ever built) and the bike won an AHRMA concours first time out.I'm still looking for a correct "pickle" muffler for this bike so keep me in mind.Thanks and safe riding to everyone. 

Joel Greene Florida,USA <>
- 2002-6-31
i have a MAR#344195

terry balaam <>
- 2002-6-28
I have a 1976 Phantom in my garage, been waiting for me to find time again for 23 years. May need some parts to restore back to trail shape. 07/20/2002

J.W. Davis <>
- 2002-6-21
I owned and competed with a Ossa 250 M.A.R in the 1970's. here in Australia. I would like to find one here in Aust so I could restore the machine. I even have the engine No. etc for my original bike and to find that one and restore it would be fantastic. Can any one assist?

Rod Steley <>
- 2002-6-14
Hi, I'm late to join your group but no one loves Ossas more than me, well with the exception of cj. I can always be of help with NOS , or used Ossa parts. I am always looking for parts or old inventories. My website is : ON the site , I have almost all of the parts manuals on line for everyones use. In addtion to Ossa, I also have one of this countries largest Montesa inventories which was recently acquired from Almost forgot, I can rebuild your motoplat to better than new with a six month warranty.

Jeff Nolen <>
- 2002-6-1
I once owned and raced a 1975 Phantom 250 with a DMR engine. It was very fast! These photos bring back memories. Also owned a Puch 125.

Steve Ostrander
- 2002-5-20
Mats, you've done a lot of work with the OSSA pages, and we all appreciate it. I enjoyed seeing the recent addition of the pictures of Manual Giró. I also want to let you know that is now operational. On that site, there is information about the Yankee motorcycle and Yankee Motor Company of Schenectady, New York. As people write to me, I have added pictures of not only the American Yankee, but also the European version also.

Jim Small, Peoria Illinois, USA <>
- 2002-5-16
Congratulations on your site and thanks for the workshop manual. By the way I have discovered a site in the USA that supplies clothing with all the classic bike logos including Ossa. My first order was good quality, supplied quickly and the packing was perfect. You may want to share this information with other Ossa fans

John Pepper Chartres (France) <>
- 2002-5-16
great site mar 250 

dazz streat <>
- 2002-5-15
Greetings from Tokyo Japan. This is a great site. I have never owned OSSA and we hardly saw OSSA in Japan, but I always dreamed of OSSA since I saw a 250 Enduro (I think) in the movie "Summer Time Killer" featuring Christopher Mitchum and Olivia Hussey in 1973. I enjoyed your site. Thank you!

Junichi, Tokyo, Japan 
- 2002-5-14
Great site i have a 1974 250 M.A.R which is nearly fully restored,i had a problem with the small fibreglass toolbox panel, but i have now made new moulds from original panels for the complete panel set left and right.

stephen,UK <>
- 2002-5-13
fantastic web and great your efforts for to create this. many thanks in the name of all ontousiast. best regards and happy life. 

gonzalo=valencia-spain <>
- 2002-5-11
Great site I come to view it all the time. I am working on an 1974 Ossa Explorer 250, and looking for my Ossa Desert 250 that I sold 21 years ago . one day I will find it I know where it was 2 years ago.

Kevin Collett Clovedale B.C. Canada <>
- 2002-5-2
Ossa, Bultaco and Montesa build beautiful motorcycles. I just purchased a nice SDR and need a correct front fender. Also need tool kits for both Pioneer and SDR..Any help is appreciated...Keith Denver CO...

Keith Abraben < >
- 2002-4-30
Looking through your site is a lot of fun. It definitively brings back the good memories. I have owned several OSSA motorcycles throughout the years. I raced them in AMA Dist 37 Scrambles and AMA PRO FlatTrack in the 70's & 80's. I saw on your site where a guy wrote in saying he rode for the same shop as I did (the year before I started). I'll have to drop him a line to update him on everyone's whereabouts. Keep up the good work, I'll be back to have more fun.

Tom Avoian Torrance,California,USA <>
- 2002-4-29
I've always loved the Spanish bikes.Ossa,Montessa,and Bultaco.I'm 47 years young and have fond memories of all of them.I went to races, and raced, back when there were no silencers on the expansion chambers and when you wore your work-boots and a sweatshirt to race in.It seems to me that the green and white Ossa was always there with their outstanding body-work but I've always had a soft spot for the Bultaco-Cemoto's.

John Conway <>
- 2002-4-27
I've just become a proud owner of a "73" 250 MAR and am loving it she's a great bike.

Gary Gregg <>
- 2002-4-26
It is great to see something out there that I thought had disappeared with the demise of Yankee Motors. I've got a '69 Pioneer in great shape, yellow and red with the tuned exhaust and spare silencer. It has been used as an ice racer with studs and it runs great. Nice to know there are others out ther with parts and knowhow to keep these running. Will submit to the board pic's latter.

Brett Karson <>
- 2002-4-22
For Sale 1972 ossa 250 good working condition tax exempt £350 ono 

Gerry Clarke Surrey England <>
- 2002-4-16
Just to say "thank" for your manuals

fco. vicente zamora garcia. Madrid. Spain <>
- 2002-4-8
I raced ossa in the early 70's and just found a 250 sdr in the last year that I'm rebuilding so I can ride with my son.We found him a sdr also he really like's the old ossa hope to have lot's of fun on them.

Ramon A.Esquivel Olathe,KS. USA <>
- 2002-4-7
I grew up on Ossa Penton,Husky,1st bike was a Hodaka I love all those old bikes I am trying to start collecting again I am looking for a 71-75 Ossa

Jay <>
- 2002-4-2
I congratulate on Your pages regards. EMILIO

Emilio Carra CCEdesign Milano ITALIA <>
- 2002-3-25
I have a 1972 Mick Andrews Replica in good running order. I intend to go to the Trails in Ridgedale Mo. May 4 & 5. I need a good parts sorce for my OSSA. I will ride in the over 60 event if I get my bike in shape. I deed to do the front fork seals. B

Bill Hamilton Branson, MO USA <>
- 2002-3-23
Mats,this is a great boon to all Ossa riders and devoted fans.I sold my Plonker years ago and immediately regreted it.I've spent the last few years looking for another and in fact just bought a 1975 MAR 350 on the 21st of April.I'm back on an Ossa and enjoying it immensely.My RL250 Suzuki cant even begin to hold a candle to my MAR even though the RL is a perfect restoration.One question though,Did the 75's have both the chromed aluminum fenders and the red and green stripes or is my MAR a conglomeration of parts from a couple of years? Thanks Mats, Lewis L. Black, PO box 891, Avis, Pa. 17721

Lewis L. Black, Avis, Pa. <>
- 2002-3-22
I am the owner of a OSSA 250 TE (1982) Red version. I'm agree for this fantastic web page. I'll vistit more times. Thanks you very much!

Jaume A. Ochogavía Seguí
- 2002-3-14
love those ossas

- 2002-3-13
Great site use always very informative

Kevin Collett Cloverdale B.C. Canada <>
- 2002-3-12
I have a 1974 Osso Six Day Trail 250 with 800 miles. I looking for some parts to rebuild engine. 

- 2002-3-11
i have a 1974 250 phantom that i bought new and raced i did a little restoration on it and we're back racing again in ahrma, #66h, it's great to meet other ossa owners
rick tatano <>
- 2002-3-10
you had a cool web site my mom is from bournemouth england 
steve shumate <>
- 2002-3-6
My first bike was a 1973 Pioneer that I bought graduation day from college. I quit riding in 1976 and recently started riding again. I got a 1973 MAR to ride in vintage trials. I would also like to find a nice SDR to restore / ride.
Gary Brinton, New Cumberland, PA <>
- 2002-3-6
I have a 1976 250 MAR which i am restoring, i would like to here from anyone within 150 mile radius of suffolk, who has any spares/complete bikes that they would consider selling. TEL: 01473 622640 Many Thanks
David Crawford, Suffolk, U.K. <>
- 2002-3-5
please get in contact in near future ,re ossa gripper,lots of spares ....Tel.england..01768361211.
- 2002-3-5
I own 2 ossas, 1 mick andrews replica (show winner) and 1 1979 250 green model, which i am trying to find original pair of green nylon mudguards for. can anyone help please? thanks
andy bishop, England <>
- 2002-3-1
i own a 1971 ossa ae250 pioneer enduro. imonly twelve and im very scared of it its incredibly fast....
paul spicer pitman,n.j.
- 2002-2-30
i am restoring a phantom 250. Iwould like to get some sort of value. i am the original owner. the serial number is 180005. it was the first phantom air freighted to the west coast
john bernatz oceanside ca. <>
- 2002-2-30
debido a un falla catastrofico al acelerarse la moto despues de una mala caida rompio la biela y con los trozos de la misma rompio el motor por delante haciendo un agujero y comiendo el piston por debajo y al romperse por la parte anterior secciono las aletillas del frontal y se puede observar la rosca del tornillo que une las dos mitades con el tornillo doblado hacia afuera ,tambien por dentro dos pequeños aletas que embuelven al cigueñal,y mi pregunta es la siguiente ¿se puede soldar de algun modo tapando la parte frontal del motor para que esto no sea un mal irreparable?. agradecido .
juanen flores mm.
- 2002-2-27
I purchased a 1970 250 Pioneer Enduro new. It was the most durable bike i ever had of many. My racing buddies always had to ride it when I brought it to the motocross races ( i did not compete whith it). I would like to hear from any one with ossa enduro bikes for sale. 
Warren Clark <>
- 2002-2-25
- 2002-2-24
Great site MATS! I've made numerous OSSA friends since I've been on this site the last year. I have a large collection of OSSAs. Phantoms, Pioneers, SDRs, Super Pioneers, MARs, Stillettos, etc. even a dealer sign. I'm always looking for more too - what a sickness!!! OSSA FEVER!
CJ Benenati - Valatie, New York <>
- 2002-2-24
Just but '73 SDR from a shop in MN. Had a new that got stolen in '77, haven't owned an Ossa since! Just got that "urge" this year to get one again. Prettiest bike I ever owned, and the most fun to ride! The "new" one is in reasonable shape, but if anyone knows where I can get my hands on an SDR manual (not one of the generic manuals, but thanks Mats, for putting them on your site!) or speedo, please let me know!
Dan Miller - La Veta, Colorado <>
- 2002-2-23
- 2002-2-20
this is a great site. I owned 2 ossa's back in the 70's a 73 6 day trials replica and a 76 phantom, I wou7ld love to buy an ossa if anyone has a later model for sale. a 76 phantom would be my first choice. put me on any mailing list you have, I would love to talk to people who still havae these bikes. I live in Michigan, Flint we had a dealer here, they were a Kawasaki dealer but they sold Ossa's also.
bryan tietz <starship>
- 2002-2-19
Hello Mat, I have 2 free Ossas.One 1972 Pioneer 250 and one 1968 Wildfire 230. Both are project bikes to good homes. Can you spread the word? Best regards, Fred Mix
Fred Mix/Bluffon, SC. <>
- 2002-2-19
rode Ossa in early 70's Just started again with a 71 250 Pioneer and the frame from a 76? Super Pioneer. Both need restoration. Glad to be here Bud
Bud Hurley Plymouth Mass. USA <Hurlhome @aol com>
- 2002-2-18
Hi All I have 2 72 ossa MAR 250"s one of me and one for my 12 yr old son both fully restored also i just started restoring a 1982 yellow gripper tr80 350 i would like to add pics of that restoration to your page please let me know how we may do that... great ossa web site!!!!!
Keith Mosley Yakima Wa <>
- 2002-2-16
I have got a OSSA 350 Trial, red. They told me it's a "Mick Andrews Replica", but I really do not know for sure. I always thought it had a four speed gear, but could it be that the fifth is not working? IIs anyone able to clarify the mistery of the fifth speed? In the documentation relevant to the bike it says "4 speed", but mistakes are frequent in this sort of "official" documents. I am not even sure of the manufacturing year, could be 1973 - 1976. Please help me! My best regards from Rome Giuseppe Marchiori
Giuseppe Marchiori <>
- 2002-2-12
I just picked up a rough 74 phantom (I need an ignition cover,help). In the early 70's I had a pioneer with a stiletto jug, six pedal reed-valve and an aftermarket pipe, It would lug down to nothing and then run 70 mph on the street wonderful machine.
Pennsylvanis <>
- 2002-2-12
I purchased a 250-MAR about 20-years ago and hung on to it, it has been in storage for about the last 15-years, I am now thinking restoration but did not know were to start for parts (Mats it looks like I found a great reference Thanks).
Jerry - Farmington Hills, MI <>
- 2002-2-11
The heart of the ossa nut community THANK YOU MATTS VERY MUCH LEE
ossakid <>
- 2002-2-9
very good, please if you have more about the santi herreros racing ossa (magnesium frame)send me i was very gratefully
tzr125rr <>
- 2002-2-4
Untill I found your web site a few years ago I thought I had the only OSSA in the world (65 Stilleto).Thanks for a great site.
Rodney Huffman Farmer,Ohio <>
- 2002-2-3
1st Ossa 1971 Pioneer (still have it) just getting back into m/c,s after a 15 year break. Looking to restore and ride again
Bud Hurley Plymouth Mass.
- 2002-2-1
Congratulations,great site Mats. Manuel Giro was my grandfather; and i have four restored ossa.
Jorge Palomar Giro. Barcelona-Spain <>
- 2002-1-25
Hi Matt again thanks for posting my stilleto on your page at long last found and brought 1974 phantom here in wa, many thanks to all your time and effort to help ossa fans around the world 
Murray Grant western australia <>
- 2002-1-21
I own a 1974 ossa phantom with Marzuchi forks and shocks. All original fiberglass tank and fenders still on bike. Looks good. This Ossa is 2 serial numbers off of the one I bought new in 1974.
bob kabourek <>
- 2002-1-21
Hi Mats, thanks for the specs for converting Stiletto MX to TT. Your site is excellent and has been a real help in my restoring my Stiletto MXer into a roadracer. It gets its racing debut htis weekend, I'll send some pics for your site after the meeting. Cheers, Mark Brooks
Mark Brooks Christchurch New Zealand <>

A neighbor gave me a very rusty 1975 Super Pioneer last year and I have restored so that is now good for trail riding again. Having a lot of fun with it. Very nice web site. 
Matt Kantola, Springfield, Vermont <>

I am looking for a Super Pioneer,either 250 or 350. Please e-mail me with any info or if you know of one for sale. Thanks, and thanks for the great Ossa site. Bill
Bill Paquette <>

Nice site. I own a 69 Stiletto, 74 250 Phantom, and a 77 250 GP, looking for some motor parts for the GP. thanks Don
Don Tryon. B.C. Canada <>

A friend gave me a '72 Pioneer that had been sitting for about 15 yrs. Just got it running. What a blast!!Matt Palmer, Miami Florida USA
Matt Palmer <>

Great site Mats,I have an OSSA Mick Andrews Replica.
Dave Goddard. England. <>

Hi guys; I have a 250cc OSSA dirt bike converted for vintage road racing and a 250 OSSA Sport street bike. 
Paul near Toronto Canada <>

I own two Ossa's ,1970 Pioneer--1971 Stiletto. I have enjoyed your web site.
Larry Weese Ravenswood,WV <>

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