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Hi there. I got on line about a month ago and have been playing with it in my spare time. Was looking for info on ossa parts when i found your page so I thought I would drop you a line. I've been very interested in ossa since I was in high school (mid-60's) because my father was the original importer. The first OSSA in to the states were street bikes (175c.c.) They were very fast. Not very many 250's could keep up with them. Nice page you have. Write me if you have any leads on 250 pioneer (or even if you don't). Your friend in motorcycling.

Eric Olson email:olson@dnc.net

Paul Brennan, British Columbia Canada owner of a OSSA Plonker 1970
email: brennanp@titanlink.com

I live in the north end of SF Bay , Vallejo. Being a spanish guy it probaly is. Mike (ossaman) lives in Vacaville, Ca which is 20 north (between sac and SF) I got my MAR been ridin it for about 8 years, found it at a Cycle Salavge, it came from Idao, possibliy one of Lee Mathews deals at one time. I just sold a 76 350 MAR had 112 miles on it. It was realy nice. It came from Bill Ripily (old time smog member, BULTACO WEST) he works for RABERS BRITISH PARTS in San Jose, Bill sold (24miles) it to ossaman for 2K. Mike used it to model his assembly of his 76 350 MAR. Mike put milage up to 46. I traded a brand new never started nor sold ROKON RT340 to RICK Daughtery (Vintage Iron) for a OSSA Phantom that Bill West had gone through all new parts but needed assembly. Mike went to Vintage Shop with me and on the way home the Phantom looked so nice mike traded me the MAR for the phantom. Mike still has the Phantom and it was in the Cycle World show at the Cow Place SF last year. Mike does realy nice detailed work. He now is going to trade it to Keith Lynas for a Yankee. I sold the MAR to a guy for $2k with 112 miles. I saw him last week at AHRMA sand hill and he soon will ride trials with us TEAM OSSA. Were the only ones riding them here. Best I like beside the looks is they are very very dependable, always start. We both have put the English gas shocks and progressisve spring s on them, Radial tyres and slow twist grips. I'll send some photos if you send back. I retrofited the front brake cam and lever mount (Yama) on the hub of my bike and now have dependable front brakes. Mike is going to do the same to his. Too bad you live so far away. re: adds , you aint seen nothin yet. I holding back just testing the market. I got vintage stuff from the 60s and 70s that I acculiminated then. The stuff was cool then and I think realy cool now. that was a good time for Motorcyle things. The TMs and Elsinores ruined it. Have you checked out the ROKON site? Ron posted pictures of our gang rinding ROKEYS in 91-92-93 those bikes were tons of fun. I am building one (the slow process) for trials side hack model. It should prove to be an unfair advantage with the 40horses, automatic,disk breaks, and unusual site. I cant wait. Im building a HODAKA 100 tryals for my kid, "Smiling Kelsey Baker" she has been ridin Speedway since 5 years old, I right now workin on a JT-1 60cc for her to race this year, cut the rotary valve and did all the homemade GYT kit things to it. Painting it half red and black like the H-D factory racers, She is sponserd by Vallejo H-D.

Wes Baker 250MAR email:WEBMJC@ix.netcom.com
Mike Benson 350MAR email:ossaman@cwnet.com.

There is a guy -Lee Mathews who has about anything you could think of for OSSAs he doesnt use a computer. His phone# is 515 674 4025 in Colfax Iowa USA . Also there is a guy named Harold Krummel who has a very rare OSSA 6days. This isnt a 6d replica it is a actual works bike ridden by there factory racers. It dosnt look anything like the 6d replicas they used to sell to the public, a very interesting rare bike! His phone# is 618 664 4879. This is in Greenvill IL. USA. He also has some other OSSA stuff . Imyself have a rolling chassis 6dr in fair shape if any one needs parts off of it.

John Laurent

Hi, I know a shop where they sell parts of Ossa. Its address is: Carlos Soler Lopez email:carlos@icam.es

Hi, y'all from Savannah, Georgia! I have a mid 70s OSSA 250 MAR bought from the original owner and kept (thank God) indoors for the last 20 years. I've only had it a year, but plan a complete strip down and restore. This is my second MAR and hope to never sell. I have a Clymer manual and a factory "Yankee" repair manual that both help but aren't perfect. The souteast USA was never a big market for these bikes, so they are very rare here. There are a few Bultacos, fewer Montessas, but dang few OSSAs! I also have a soft spot for BSA, Triumph, etc with a garage full of parts for these. If you come to Savannah for the Roebling Road vintage races, look me up...

Richard Hinely email: rhinely850@yahoo.com

Hello there, my name is Keith Lynas, I am in San Diego, Ca. this is just a note to let you know that I have a huge inventory of n.o.s. OSSA parts,let me know what you or anybody else needs, and I should be able to produce them for you I have owned, and repaired OSSA's for over 27 years. I've worked for OSSA dealerships, and raced them in the 70's, and with vintage racing so popular lately.I have been racing the last 4-5 years. I also own about 90 ossa motorcycles, I think it is a sickness! Anytime you have a question, feel free to ask, I will do my best to help.

Keith Lynas email: KLynas@aol.com
Keith Lynas website
Mats Nyberg visiting Keith in May 1999

Hello. My name is Garry Brennan and I live in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. In 1978, as a 15 year old, I purchased an OSSA 250 Pioneer for $500. I bought it from a guy in Waldorf, Maryland. When I brought it back to PA, I rode it for about 4 hours. The shift return spring broke, and it was stuck in second gear. I had to break the case open to get to the spring, and found out the engine was completely worn out. Bearings, gears, shafts and all. I put it in a box and it eventually wound up in my father-in-law's barn along with the frame. Before 1978, my cousin was a professional flat-track racer, and during his ameteur career, he ran a 250 Stilletto. He burned up the tracks along the east coast in the early to mid '70's, and eventually turned pro. In one of his first races as a pro, he was on a 360 Yamaha that siezed up during the race. He went down, and thinking everyone had went by him, he got up, only to be hit in the back by another racer. This tragically ended his career, and he has not been able to walk without crutches since then. He parked both of his bikes at that point, and went through extensive rehabilitation after spending several years in the hospital. After he got out, he was still hooked on motorcycles and racing, and opened up a repair and racing mods shop. Eventually, this led to him acquiring some land in PA and starting a race track. That's where I came in to this story. I left my home in Maryland to work at the track. He put off many moto-cross races, and I became a fan of the OSSA motorcycle. Except for the dirt track scene, the OSSA was a rare sight, even in those days. He saw an ad in the Washington Post for the Pioneer that I eventually bought, and he drove me to Waldorf to buy it. I had to borrow $150 from him to close the deal. Secretely, I always daydreamed of riding the racing Stilletto, but never got the chance.

That was 19 years ago. His track is now defunct, but his Stilletto was still in a shed at the old track. He still owns the land in Warfordsburg, Pennsylvania, but now lives outside of Cumberland, Maryland. I say that his Stilletto was in the shed, that's because during a recent phone call between us, he gave it to me. The next weekend, I went to the old track, sorted through the trash in the shed, and there it was. The frame had been stripped of all the fiberglass, the seat, levers, and such, but the engine was still intact. I brought it back to my father-in-law's barn and I am now on my way with a very interesting restoration project.

First, I hope to get the engine running again. After some tune-up/clean-up, I am going to mount it in my pioneer frame and have some fun. Then I hope to restore the Stilletto frame and put the engine back in it, and haul it to outside of Cumberland, Maryland, where I plan to take my cousin for a ride.

Gary Brennan email: gbrennan@gfnet.com

David Klear

I have about 30 motorcycles 20 Buls, 5 Ossas 2 RDs One Honda 350CL and a couple of Yamaha Enduros, Plus some odds and ends. I'm 50 years old and race Vintage Motocross with a 206 Bul and Vet Motocross 97 YZ. Also Enduros with 97 KTM 360EXC. I did manage a second for the year in vintage bomber. DIRT RULES!

Dave Klear, Leadville, Colorado, USA
email: dklear@chaffee.net

Hello, my name is Terry Wilkison. Recently i bought a 74 250cc OSSA Phantom that i'm going to race next spring in AHRMA. Im only 16 so im quite young to be in the sport but im really looking forward to it. My dad used to race Pentons and a couple Yamaha's and heard about AHRMA and we went to watch a race at Casey ILL and i was hooked. A couple years back a friend gave my dad a subscription to OLD BIKE JOURNEL and in one the the issues there was a 76 OSSA Phantom that a guy had restored. From that point I knew that was the bike i wanted to race. So here i am. The bike is in great condition. I rode it for the first time 2 weeks ago and man its fast. One of our friends that lives in the northern part of the state has just bought a farm and found some OSSA parts, he brought us a tank last time he visited and i think he might have a couple rims and so other stuff. The tank is white with a green stripe. It has a few cracks but could be restored and made quite nice. I'd like to try to sell it, or trade for spares for my Phantom. Im located in indiana.

Terry Wilkison email: VWman44761@aol.com


I have sponsored a vintage road racing OSSA in Canada for the past three years. Finishes = two championships in 250 GP and this past year 3rd overall. I have a bunch of nos parts (mostly motor stuff, carb parts and cables). I do sell the spares off to people in need. I can provide lots of info on how to build a 4 spd and a 5 spd for road racing. I also have a 250 Pioneer that was actually raced in the 1970 ISDT and got a silver medal for a Cdn team member. I might sell it if someone is genuinely interested in restoring it. I also have a Montesa Impala to restore and as you can tell by my E mail address; I also collect Parilla motorcycles. Ph. +1-519-647-2008.
2002-feb-11 I have donated the ISDT OSSA (Canadian team bike Silver Medal Winner) to a canadian motorsport museum. All spare parts were sold toAlex Snoop of New York State in the USA.

Paul Rostic, Canada
email: parilla@nonline.net

I currently own 7 complete OSSAs plus at least 15 more that I have disassembled for parts. I have previously owned several other OSSAs as well. My current OSSA collection includes 2 - 1970 Stilettos, 2 - 1974 Phantoms, 1 - 1972 MAR, 1 - 1977 Super Pioneer, and a project 310 Mountaineer. The Stilettos and Phantoms are used in vintage mx racing, the MAR in vintage trials, and the Super Pioneer is licensed for the street. I live in Southern California, about 75 miles from Keith Lynas and in the same town as RPM "Vintage Motorcycle Fiberglass". I am heavily involved in AHRMA vintage mx racing. I am always willing to offer help and advice.

Best Regards,

Verne Elmore email: velmore@lasercom.net

Came across your site while looking for classic trials news.I am a member of a classic bike club over here in England.I ride a 1970 Bultaco Sherpa 250cc in our club events,I also have a Triumph 350 twin trialler(1962) and a 1980 XT500 Yamaha for our club enduros.Some of the lads in the club have Ossas,250cc and 310cc,a few Mick Andrews replicas,some with Whitlock frames.The chairman of our club is the one and only Mick Andrews.His practice ground which we use is a couple of miles down the the road from me,very handy.Mick still rides the occaisional classic trial or mx,he still figures near the top in the results.The Buls and Ossas dont fetch a deal over here,you can get a top notch one for 500.Spares are ok for Buls but for Ossas spares are a bit thin on the ground.Most of the lads get hold of a spare motor from the breakers.

Most of the other bikes in the club are pre 1965 British,there are some beautiful Ariels,Enfields,Cottons,BSA etc.THE classic trialer over here is a big capacity fourstroke single.The big singles seem to find the grip!!My ultimate aim is to get a HT500 Ariel! One day maybe.


Guy Peace,Derby UK.
email: guypeace@primex.co.uk

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