by Mats Nyberg

 Vance Eaton

 Ossa offered a few {I think around 200} different models with the adjustable lever forward mounted shock suspension, called the Bolger Long Travel.
Comment from Heise about the Bolger:
 To answer your 
questions on bolger production i believe there were about a 100 bikes 
produced/converted  total. 50 of the bikes were BLT trials bikes, the rest 
of the production was split up Mountaneers, Phantoms,  Desert Phantoms and 
1 Phantom Enduro. These bikes were built from 74-76 all were assembled in 
Scenectady, NY. Ive owned 6 of these bikes and regret selling all but BLT. I 
have the remains of the bolger sheet metal inventory to produce bolger bikes.
    My story and numbers come 
from what i consider a good source if anyone out there has more or different 
info id love to hear it. One of the things that makes Ossa so interesting is 
learning something new everyday.

Vance Eaton

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