by Mats Nyberg

Francesc Mengual,

Sant Cugat del Vallès, Spain.

Hello Mats!
I send you two pics:
The first OSSA trial (year 1.969). It was poor perfomances in front of Bultaco Sherpa and Montesa Cota, beacause it was directly derivated of the Stiletto

A picture of Santiago Herrero, my Hero!

This is a pic of a OSSA 125 called "Negrita" (blacky).
It is the first OSSA built. The tecnical interest is in the rear suspension, type cantilever, without hidraulic elements, only a rubber pad. The rear fender office like a sub-frame and support de rear seat, if mounted.
Actually there are many exemplars in good conditions, and is easy to buy one (aprox. 3500 US  $)

I send you two pictures of a OSSA URBE with 0 kilometers (zero!) Itís sold for 5.200 U.S. $
Do you know this model? There are very few units. More of them are used by local police.

Saludos de un Ossista!

Francesc Mengual, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Spain.

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