W. J. Powers OSSA
identification needed

I have attached a photograph of my OSSA motorcycle to this E-mail message in the hope that you or someone visiting your website can identify the model and approximately how many like it were made.
Was this bike only imported to the U.S.? I have seen several photographs of bikes similar to it on various websites but they have a different rear fender. I bought this bike used in Rhode Island with 300 miles on it back in 1981. All I know is that it appears to have the same 250cc engine that was used on the other OSSA models. I always refered to it as the "Enduro" model. Since I am now looking for some replacement parts it would be helpful to know the ecxact model that I have.
Part of the serial number decal on the frnt of the frame has been worn away by chafing from the brake and clutch cables and is no longer legible.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

Walter J. Powers, Rhode Island, USA. email: walterp1@home.com

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