Tony Millwood, Canberra, Australia.


 I have a MAR 250 circa 1972 frame number is B347-390 and  Engine no M347-390.
Can't remember when I purchased, must have been around 1991-92, and it was a bit of a mess. Had to put another rim on the front as the original was beyond repair. Big mistake was to keep the original break as although all the mechanism works it just doesn't seem to actually stop the bike.
To say it slows the bike down may be a bit generous as well. The lack of breaking, as well as not having ridden serious competition trials for many rears before I got the Ossa, was the main reason I stuck to riding the odd clubman event although I had ridden "B" grade on my previous bike, a 250 Yamaha. (Should also mention that I haven't really done much trials competition since early 80's, having spent many years since 84 overseas.)

Broke my first bone, ankle, on the Ossa. I had been riding all day, trials practice, brought the bike home, washed it off then decided to start it to  ride it up to the shed. Had many goes kicking it gradually getting higher and higher until finally the kick start gave way and I came crashing down on my ankle, rolling it over and breaking the bone where the outsideligament joins to the ankle.
Very sore. Managed to do the same thing with the other ankle a couple of years later, this time straddling the bike assuming that if the kick start gave way I would simply land on the seat.

 After that episode sent the motor off to get overhauled with the specific  purpose of getting the kick start mechanism replaced. Was working fine after that and actually entered into a few local trials and picked up a  twin shock award.

Have just returned from another three year stint overseas and have just  washed the bike down after 3 years in storage. Haven't yet started it, still quite a bit of maintenance to do first. But it does look the part!

But can anyone tell me what is on the side panel of the MAR 250. Can't quite make it out in any of the pictures I have seen. Want to try and get the bike looking like the original. Hope to be riding club trials again soon.


Tony Millwood, Canberra, Australia

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