Ross Foreman, Western Australia.

30 Nov 2001
Hi Mats.
Great site. I have recently acquired an OSSA Pioneer and now I am converting into a road racer.
The guy I purchased it from tells me it is a '71 250 cc model. The engine number is 3858930 and the frame number is 308209. The body work looks like it is from an earlier model. Note the round badge on the fuel tank We have grafted a disk brake front end with an 18 inch front wheel onto it, Koni rear shocks and road tyres. Although I have tested it only once, the bike is performing surprisingly well as a road racer.
The 28 mm (29 mm?) IRZ carb that was on it made it run like crap and it was replaced by a 28 mm (29 mm?) KEI HIN (that I found gathering dust
and long forgotten in the back of the shed) which made it run like a dream. I have since put a 32 mm Mikuni onto it but I have not had the opportunity to test ride it yet.
 I need this machine to go a lot faster than it is. I would appreciate any information that could help me.

Ross Foreman, Western Australia.

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Mats Nyberg