Peter Radall, Wivenhoe, near Colchester in Essex, England

Here's a picture of my rebuilt MAR. I was given a big box of bits in February (2001) and the bike was completed 5 months later on June 16th.
It was a pretty frustrating process at times, but all the missing parts were either still available or could be fabricated, so I made steady, if slow, progress with it. I should point out that I've done a rebuild, not a restoration, so I haven't worried about getting the original decals and a proper paint job. I'm not even sure if all the parts are the correct ones.
That level of detail is unimportant to me. I just want to ride this thing, so as long as it runs and goes OK, I'll be happy.

 I'm based in the UK and live in the village of Wivenhoe, near Colchester in Essex.
Pete Raddall.  email:

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