1971-72 OSSA

250 Pioneer
2.75-3.0 mm B.T.D.C.
250 Stiletto & T.T. & D.M.R.
3.0 mm B.T.D.C.
250 Plonker
2.5-3.0 rnm B.T.D.C.
175 Pioneer
2.25-2.5 mm B.T.D.C.
175 Stiletto
2.5-2.75 mm B.T.D.C.

FIG. 121

17. After making your adjustment, tighten the three magneto stator mounting screws and slide the flywheel back onto the crankshaft. Recheck the timing. If the timing is still outside the allowable tolerance, repeat this procedure until it is corrected.

18. When the timing is correct, remove the dial indicator, plunger, and adapter.

19. Fit the star type lock washer to the crankshaft and put a few drops of Loctite on the threads of the magneto flywheel nut. Turn the nut down finger tight. Fit the OSSA flywheel holding tool (No. 999-206) to the slots in the flywheel. Using a 26 mm socket, torque the magneto flywheel nut to 60 ft. lbs. (Fig. 122).

20. Sometimes the Woodruff key that locates the magneto flywheel on the crankshaft is slightly narrower than the keyway on the flywheel into which it fits. Because of this, it could be possible for the flywheel to shift

FIG. 122

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