Section 6:

Installing The Magneto Side

Components And Timing The Magneto

1. Examine the Woodruff key that locates the magneto flywheel on the crankshaft. If it shows any signs of wear or damage, replace it with a new one. Before fitting it into its slot in the crankshaft, lay it upside down on a hard surface and tap its rounded edge with a ball peen hammer, as shown in Fig. 117. This will very slightly widen the key so it will fit tightly in the slot and be less likely to dislodge while you are installing the magneto flywheel. Tap the key into its slot in the crankshaft.

2. The magneto assembly has two basic pieces. The large round piece that bolts onto the crankshaft is called the MAGENTO FLYWHEEL OR MAGNETO ROTOR. The other piece which houses all of the windings and is encased in red epoxy is called the MAGNETO STATOR OR MAGNETO BACKING PLATE.

3. Closely examine the magneto stator for broken or cut wires or other apparent damage. Without using any harsh solvents, clean the stator thoroughly and blow it dry with compressed air. Be especially careful to remove any trace of metal filings that may be on the stator.

4. When you disassembled the engine you were instructed to scribe a reference line across the edge of the magneto stator and one of its mounting bosses on the engine case. Locate these marks and position the stator on the engine so that they are aligned. Install the three backing plate mounting screws and tighten them.

FIG. 117

5. Fit the rubber grommet on the magneto wires into the slot in the bottom of the engine case. Install the magneto wire clip on the lower right side of the righthand engine case. Be sure to use Loctite on the threads of the 10 mm bolt that secures this clip.

6. Position the magneto flywheel in front of the crankshaft. Look through the hole in the center of the flywheel and turn it until the slot in the center is aligned with the Woodruff key on the crankshaft. Mount the flywheel on the crankshaft, pressing it into position with your hands. Tap on the face of the flywheel with the side of your hand to be sure that it has seated fully on the crankshaft. Do not install the nut.

7. There is a small hole on the face of the magneto flywheel. There is a matching small hole in the magneto stator. Rotate the flywheel until its small hole is located at approximately the 5 o'clock position. Insert the OSSA timing pin (Part No. 114-083)

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