With a spring hook or needle nose pliers, remove the other end of the spring from the kick starter shaft.

18. Remove the kick starter return spring and the other large washer which is beneath the spring.

Section 4:

Parting The Engine Cases

1. On the right side of the engine, loosen the 11 engine case screws 1/4 turn each. Then remove the screws starting at the middle of the cases and working toward the ends (Fig. 13).

2. Remove the large headed screw with the nylon washer behind it on the lower right side of the engine. This is the shift drum detent screw. Remove the spring and plunger that is behind the screw.

3. Turn the engine so that the left hand engine case is facing upward. With 13mm and 14mm open end wrenches, loosen and remove the nut and bolt at the front of the engine.

4. There are three guide pins that locate the engine cases to one another. There is one in the hole at the very front of the engine and one through each of the rear engine mount

FIG. 13

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