thoroughly. If the clutch actuating mechanism is dirty, remove the 10 mm nut from the end of the actuating arm and pull it up out of the case (Fig. 103). Clean the arm, the inside of the case, and the other actuating components. Coat them all with light grease and reinstall them back into the case. Use a large amount of grease on the clutch actuating plunger to keep it from falling out while handling the case.

FIG. 103

34. If you had removed the two hollow locating dowels from the magneto side of the engine case, reinstall them. Install the magneto side engine cover and secure it with the four screws. There are three sizes of screws for this case. The shortest goes in the top rear hole. The longest goes in the bottom rear hole. The other two go in the front holes (Fig. 104).

FIG. 104

35. Install the kickstarter onto the kickstarter shaft.

36. Clamp the lower rear motor mount flange on the engine into a vise fitted with soft faced

FIG. 105

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