into the crankshaft threads (Fig. 10). Then, fit the spanner tool, No. 999-215 to the cush

FIG. 10

drive shaft (Fig. 11). Finally, install the cush drive puller, No. 999-213, and push it down far enough to expose the groove around the top of the cush drive shaft. Fit the two collars

FIG. 11

to the groove in the shaft (Fig. 12) and turn the handle of the puller clockwise until it pulls up tight against the collars. Holding the

FIG. 12

spanner wrench in one hand, tighten the handle of the puller with the other hand. You may wish to use a short section of pipe on the handle of the puller for additional leverage. Do this until you feel the cush drive shaft snap loose from the crankshaft. Remove the puller, spanner and thread protector and finally, the cush drive shaft.

16. With a pair of external snap ring pliers, remove the snap ring from the kick starter shaft. It is recommended that this snap ring be discarded every time it is removed and replaced with a new one. Remove the large washer beneath the snap ring.

17. Using a large screwdriver, free the looped end of the kick starter return spring from its mount in the case. Be careful not to let it fly off the shaft and hit you in the face or hand.