FIG. 98

FIG. 99

16. Fig. 98 illustrates the cush drive components you will have remaining at this point. Put the cush drive coupling cam onto the cush drive shaft. Measure the free length of the cush drive spring. If it is less than 1.4", replace it. Install the cush drive spring and the spring stop. Be careful to get the splines on the spring stop aligned and started properly on the splines of the cush drive shaft.

17. Put a few drops of Loctite on the threads of the cush drive Allen nut, and install the lock washer and Allen nut onto the threads of the crankshaft.

18. Fit the OSSA clutch holding tool (No. 999-204) to the hubs of the clutch. Rotate the hubs clockwise until the handle of the tool bears against the cush drive shaft. Using a 9 mm socket mounted Allen wrench, tighten the cush drive nut to 65-70 ft. lbs. torque (Fig. 99).

19. With the clutch tool still in position, tighten the clutch hub nut to 65-70 ft. lbs. of torque (Fig. 100).

20. Spin the inner clutch hub to make certain that the inner hub can rotate while the outer hub remains still.

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