smaller than the outside diameter of the needle bearing. Fit a short extension to the socket and insert it, socket first, into the rear of the outer clutch hub (Fig. 96).

FIG. 96

replace it. If the slots for the clutch plates on the outer clutch hub are notched or worn, replace the outer hub.

13. Assemble the primary chain over the engine sprocket and outer clutch hub. As a unit, install them on the engine simultaneously, sliding the engine sprocket over the cush drive shaft and the outer clutch hub over the mainshaft (Fig. 97).

9. Press the needle bearing out of the hub, using a press or a vise.

10. Just reverse this process to install a new bearing, mounting it so that it is flush with the front surface of the outer clutch hub.

11. Clean all oil or grease from the primary side crankshaft and threads, and from the inside of the cush drive shaft. Because these two are an interference fit, cleanliness is important to obtain a firm installation. Put the cush drive shaft on the end of the crankshaft and tap it on the end with a plastic mallet to seat it.

12. Examine the sprocket teeth on the outer clutch hub and on the engine sprocket. If either one shows signs of wear or chipping,

FIG. 97

14. Grasp the top run of the primary chain with your fingers, halfway between the engine sprocket and the outer clutch hub. If you can move the chain freely up and down more than 5/8", replace the chain with a new one.

15. Thoroughly clean the threads on the end of the mainshaft. Then, install the inner clutch hub on the mainshaft, pushing it inward as far as it will go. Put a few drops of Loctite on the threads, and install the clutch lock washer and nut on the shaft, running the nut down finger tight.

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