FIG. 91

7. Install the two large hollow rear guide pins and the small front hollow guide pin into the right case. Allow half of each pin to protrude from the case, which will hold the gasket in place.

8. Place the righthand crankshaft shim washers on the inner race of the right main bearing, and hold them in place with a small amount of grease.

9. Place the left crankcase (containing the crankshaft assembly) atop the right case. Guide the end of the crankshaft into the right main bearing and also guide the end of the kickstarter shaft into its hole in the left engine case (Fig. 92).

FIG. 92

10. Slide the left case down until it mates  11. Insert the front engine case bolt through
with the right case. Use a rawhide or plastic  its hole and put a few drops of Loctite on the
mallet to tap the case into place. I threads. A thick flat washer goes under the

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