Section 3:

Reassembling The Engine Cases

1. Lightly oil all the gearbox components with Full Bore SAE 80 Racing Gearbox Lubricant, or its equivalent, SAE 30 motor oil.

2. If you have removed the transmission 5th driven gear, reinstall it now. Push it into the righthand transmission bearing as far as it will go (Fig. 89). If necessary, tap it lightly with a plastic or rawhide mallet to seat it against the bearing.

FIG. 89

3. Turn the case around, and from the magneto side, install the transmission sprocket spacer, transmission sprocket, sprocket tab washer, and sprocket nut. Fit the appropriate OSSA sprocket holding tool to the sprocket. (UD10-999-207 for 12 T sprockets, UD11-999-207 for 11T and 13T sprockets.) Using the OSSA sprocket nut wrench (No. 999-205), turn the nut counterclockwise until it is tight (Fig. 90). With a small chisel and
mallet, bend the edge of the tab washer against two flats of the nut.

FIG. 90

4. Assemble all the gearbox components in the right case, making sure all shims and washers are in the correct location. Paragraphs 19 thru 26 in Section 4 of Chapter 2 describe the easiest way to assemble these components into the case.

NOTE: Disregard the second sentence of Paragraph 22. Paragraph 22 reads, "Put your homemade spacer on the righthand end of the mainshaft." This is done only when checking the transmission gear engagement.

5. Fit the slotted plastic breather tube to the breather boss at the top of the case, with the slots in the tube facing upward (Fig. 91).

6. Smear both sides of a new center case gasket with a light coating of grease. Do not use gasket cement. Fit the gasket to the right case.

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