install the piston and the wrist pin on the rod.

16. Locate the cylinder, and if it is dirty, clean it. If the cylinder is to be bored before final installation on the engine, do so now, before making this check. Install the cylinder down over the piston (Fig. 86). This will be fairly easy as there are no rings on the piston. Push the cylinder down until it is firmly mated with the crankcase.

FIG. 86

17. Turn the crankshaft 3 or 4 revolutions and stop when the piston has reached the T.D.C. (top dead center) position.

18. Using a small, dentist's type inspection mirror and a flexible, probe type flashlight or other suitable light source (Fig. 87), check the location of the connecting rod on the crank pin by inserting the mirror into the intake port (Fig. 88). If you get the mirror angled properly once it is inside the cylinder, and then shine the light down the port and right at the mirror, you will easily be able to see howwell the rod is centered between the sides of the crankshaft.

FIG. 87

FIG. 88

19. If the rod appears to be closer to one side of the crank than the other, remove the cylinder, part the crankcases, and remove the crankshaft.

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