FIG. 82

Making this bearing is a relatively simple task. Locate a good used bearing of the same type or use a new one. Do not use a bearing which is broken or badly worn. Sand the outside of the outer race of the bearing (Fig. 82) until you can put it into the left engine case without heating the case or driving it in. Sand the inside of the inner race until you can freely slide it all the way onto the left end of the crank without driving it on. The dummy bearing is now ready for use.

5. Locate the shims that were removed from behind the left main bearing while disassembling the engine. Place them on the left end of the crankshaft and then install the dummy bearing over them (Fig. 83).

6. Locate the two large rear hollow guide pins and the smaller front hollow guide pin and install them in the case, allowing approximately half of each pin to protrude from the case. Install a new center case gasket, supporting it on the pins.

FIG. 83

7. Install the crankshaft into the left engine case, pushing it all the way inward until you hear the dummy bearing bottom out in the mounting boss (Fig. 84).

FIG. 84

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