push rod while holding your other hand below the clutch assembly. When the push rod is fully withdrawn, the ball should roll out of the shaft into your hand.

10. Remove the right hand push rod by pulling it outward from the oil seal in the center of the transmission drive sprocket.

11. Fit the OSSA -clutch holding tool No. 999-204 to the clutch hubs and rotate the clutch counterclockwise until the handle of the tool rests against the top of the cush drive assembly as shown in Figure 8. With a 22mm socket, loosen and remove the clutch nut.

FIG. 8

12. With the clutch holding tool still in position, and using the OSSA cush drive nut wrench No. 999-210, loosen the cush drive allen nut (Fig. 9). Remove the allen nut, lock washer, outer spring stop and outer coupling cam.

FIG. 9

13. Remove the inner clutch hub. Occasionally , the inner clutch hub will not pull off the mainshaft easily. This is due to excess Loc-Tite from the clutch nut collecting between the shaft and the hub, making removal difficult. If this occurs, the Loc-Tite can be softened by heating the area where the hub joins the shaft with a propane torch.

14. Remove the outer clutch hub, primary chain and engine sprocket as a unit. Remove from the transmission shaft, the inner race of the clutch needle bearing, the inner hub spacer and the large flat hardened washer.
inner clutch hub.

15. The cush drive shaft is a press fit on the primary side of the crankshaft. You will need to use several OSSA special tools to remove it. First, screw the thread protector, No. 999-214

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