5. Do not drive or press any of the bearings into place, as the cases and bearings will suffer damage. If any bearing fails to go all the way into its mounting boss, gently tap it out, let it cool to room temperature, reheat the engine cases, and try it again.

6. The layshaft bronze bushing is installed in a similar manner. When the case has reached the desired temperature, the bushing will drop into place. Be sure that it is pushed all the way in until its shoulder bottoms on the case surface.

7. After installing the bushings or bearings, let the case lie with its inside facing upward for 5 or 10 minutes to allow the bearings to warm up and be securely held in place.

8. Turn the engine case over, and if you had removed the old oil seals, install the new ones. While the case is still thoroughly warm, set the seal into place with your fingers. Do not strike the seal directly with a mallet. Instead, locate a block of wood that has one smooth side or end slightly larger than the seal. Butt the block of wood against the seal and gently and evenly tap it into place by hitting the end of the wood with a mallet (Fig. 79). Install the seals no less than flush with the outer surface of the engine case nor no more than 1/16 inch below it.

9. Heat the left case in the same manner as the right one. When it has reached the desired temperature, lay it flat with the inside of the case pointed downward. Install the crankshaft oil seal as described in Paragraph 8.

FIG. 79

10. Turn the case over and install the transmission mainshaft bearing and layshaft bushing, being sure they have bottomed out in their mounting bosses.

11. With the case still sufficiently warm, set it up vertically with the studs pointed upward. Slide the OSSA oil seal protector (Part No. 999-201) over the left end of the crankshaft. This seal protector prevents the left drive shaft from damaging the crankshaft oil seal during installation of the crank, as shown in Fig. 80. Grasp the crank by the right drive shaft, holding the connecting rod in place with your thumb, as shown in Fig. 81. Grasp the case by the cylinder studs with your other hand and push the crankshaft assembly into the case until you hear or feel the bearing bottom out in its mounting boss. Once the crankshaft has been positioned in the case, the seal protector will fall off the crankshaft.

12. Set the case on a small wooden box so that the right end of the crankshaft is pointed

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