the palm of your hand, correctly meshing its gears with those on the layshaft.

24. Keeping your hand in this position, pick up the shifting fork assembly and drop each fork down onto its proper place on the shafts. When correctly installed, the pins on the ends of all three forks will be pointed in the same direction.

25. Now, turn this assembly so that the mainshaft is directly on top and the shift fork pegs are pointing directly to the rear. Grasp the shift drum with your right hand, and with the selector pins of the drum pointed towards you, engage the pegs on the shift forks into their grooves in the shift drum.

26. At this point, holding the assembly in both hands, move to the righthand case and install everything into the case simultaneously (Fig. 57). Make sure that all the components are pushed all the way toward the right side of the case and that everything turns freely. You are now ready to check the transmission for gear engagement.

27. The shift drum will need to be turned manually to check each gear position. To do this, and to shift from one gear to another, you will need to rotate the mainshaft while moving the shift drum. This is necessary because the engaging dogs of the two gears that are going to be adjoined may not be properly aligned, and the movement of the mainshaft moves one of these gears, thereby allowing the dogs to engage one another.

FIG. 57

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