18. After you checked the mainshaft clearance, you were asked to record that clearance for future use. You now need to make a spacer that is the same thickness as the end play of the mainshaft. You will need something that has a 14 mm hole in it. The easiest method is to use extra shims from the left end of the layshaft, as they have a 14.5 mm diameter hole. Some racing type sparkplugs use a solid copper washer with a 14 mm hole in the center. If one of these is available, it can be filed to the proper thickness.

19. Install the two needle bearings in the 5th driven gear with their 10 mm spacer between.

20. The easiest way to install the mainshaft, layshaft, shift drum, and shift forks is to assemble them in your hands and install the complete unit in the right case.

21. To do this, the right case should be held upright, as shown in Fig. 57. If you do not have an engine stand available, yott can hold the case in this position by clamping the lower rear motor mount tab into a vise fitted with a set of soft jaws. Do not use steel or iron jaws as they will damage the gasket surface of the case.

22. Assemble both shafts with all their gears and shim washers. Put your homemade spacer on the right end of the mainshaft (Fig. 56). Put a little bit of light grease on the layshaft, mainshaft, and shift drum shims to keep them from falling off.

23. Hold the layshaft in the front part of your left hand across the fingers. The first idling gear on the layshaft should be right on your little finger. Now, set the mainshaft in

FIG. 56

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