12. The metal strap need not be used for checking the mainshaft play. Just put the caliper on the end of the shaft and measure to the inner ball bearing race (Fig. 55). The mainshaft is sometimes a fairly snug fit inside the lefthand transmission bearing. For this reason, you may not be able to move it with your fingers. If this occurs, locate the inner clutch hub and its retaining nut. Slide the hub down onto the mainshaft, and install the nut finger tight. Grasp the hub with one hand and pull towards you, holding the engine with the other hand. This will get the mainshaft over to the left. Remove the nut and hub, being careful not to disturb the shaft. Then take your measurement. Tap the shaft gently until it has moved all the way to the right, and take another reading. Subtract the smallest reading from the largest, and the result is the mainshaft end play. The amount of end play in the mainshaft is not critical, but should be from .020" to .035". Record the end play of the mainshaft on a piece of paper for later use.

13. Remove the left case and mainshaft, and install the complete kickstarter assembly into the right case. Don't forget that this shaft has at least a .040" thick washer on each end. Install the shaft in the right case so that the pointed end of the ratchet cam is facing straight up. Once the shaft is inserted fully into the hole, turn the shaft counter clockwise until it stops, which is about a half turn. While you are turning the shaft, the ratchet cam catches behind the stop bolt, disengaging the ratchet mechanism. Once the shaft reaches the stop, the ratchet is fully disengaged and is held in place by the bolt. If there are too many shims on the right end of the kickstarter shaft, the cam will bind before the shaft reaches its stop, causing the kickstarter to stick. If it binds, remove one shim at a time from the right end of the shaft until it works freely.

14. With the kickstarter assembly still in place, install the left case, making sure there is a center gasket between the two cases. Secure

FIG. 55

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