the crankshaft (Fig. 5). Remove the flywheel. Unscrew the puller from the flywheel, and remove the flywheel nut lock washer from beneath the puller.

FIG. 5

6. With a small sharp chisel and a hammer, scribe a line across the edges of the magneto stator plate and one of its mounting bosses (Fig. 6). This will be used as a reference when reassembling the engine.

7. Remove the three screws that mount the stator to the engine case. Remove the 10mm bolt that holds the magneto wire securing strap and remove the strap. Remove the stator and place it inside the magneto flywheel to prevent damage to either.

8. Using a small screwdriver and hammer, gently tap the end of the woodruff key on the crankshaft, until it is out of the key slot. Check the key for damage and wear, and if it shows signs of either, discard it. If you keep it, find a point on the magneto flywheel where the magnetism is fairly strong and store the key there.

FIG. 6

9. Remove the rubber selector shaft cover and felt washer from the right hand end of the selector shaft.

Section 3:

Removing The Primary Drive Components

1. With a 10mm wrench, loosen the bolt that mounts the foot shift lever to its shaft. Remove the bolt from the lever and remove the leverand the small felt dust washer from theshaft.

2. With an 11mm wrench, loosen the bolt that mounts the kick starter lever to its shaft. Remove the bolt from the lever and remove the lever from the shaft.

3. With a large screwdriver or impact screwdriver, loosen and remove the 10 screws that mount the primary case to the engine case. Using the same large screwdriver, pry the primary case loose by putting the blade of the

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