10. Repeat the checking process, this time with the shifting drum. Use the caliper in the same manner as shown in Fig. 54. The drum can be moved by putting one of your fingers through the large hole at the lower rear side of the left engine case far enough to catch hold of the drum. Then, slide the drum back and forth. The end play of the drum should be .008" to .012".

11. Check the end play of the mainshaft next. You must first install the 5th driven gear into the righthand transmission bearing. Push the gear in as far as it will go by hand. Then move it the rest of the way by tapping it with a soft faced mallet. Install one of the mainshaft needle bearings into the center of the gear. There is a 10 mm wide spacer that goes in next, then the other needle bearing. Put the mainshaft, with all its shims, into the gear, and with the center gasket in place, install the left case and secure it with five screws.

FIG. 54

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