caliper as shown in Fig. 53. Push the layshaft all the way to the right and then lower the depth gauge of the caliper until it touches the end of the shaft. Read the caliper and write down the measurement. Now, pull the layshaft to the left and take another measurement. Be sure you are holding the caliper in the same place as in the first measurement. You may find it easier to have someone else hold the layshaft to the left to keep it from moving while you are working the caliper. Now, subtract the second reading from the first, and the difference is the amount of end play in the layshaft. Again, the correct amount of layshaft end play is .0101, to .015". If the measured end play is not correct, adjust it by adding or subtracting shims. It makes no difference at this point from which end of the shaft you add or subtract the shims.

9. Remove the lefthand case and layshaft. Add or subtract shims as needed and recheck the end play. When the proper tolerance is reached, remove the layshaft and put it aside. It is a good idea to put a little piece of tape around each end of the shaft to prevent the shims from dropping off until you are ready to use it again.

FIG. 53

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