FIG. 50

use Loctite on the threads upon re-installation. There are no torque specifications for this pin. Just tighten it as tight as possible with a large screwdriver.

17. Check the condition of all the bearings and bushings. If any of them show signs of roughness or excessive wear, replace them.

18. The final checks of the gearbox components require that they be assembled in the case. If new bearings or bushings need be installed, that part of the repair must be done before the final gearbox checks. Section 6 of Chapter 1 covers the removal of bearings and bushings. Section 1 of Chapter 3 deals with their proper installation. If your gearbox requires the replacement of these components, refer to that part of the Manual for correct instructions and return to the next section, Section 4 of this Chapter, for continuation of the transmission repairs.

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