FIG. 3

9. Remove the cylinder base gasket if it did not come off with the cylinder.

Section 2:

Removing The Magneto Side Components

1. Remove the four screws securing the magneto side engine cover. This cover is located by two small hollow guide pins which may hold it firm to the engine case. To pry it loose, simply push the clutch actuating arm inward. This will force the magneto cover outward, pushing it off the guide pins. After removing the cover, be careful not to lose the clutch actuating plunger, which is the small cylindrical shaped piece that fits into the clutch actuating mechanism on the inside of the case.

2. Fit the OSSA flywheel holding tool No.999-206 into the two holes or slots in the magneto flywheel. Using a 26mm socket, remove the magneto flywheel nut. (Fig. 4)

FIG. 4

3. You must have the proper puller to remove the magneto flywheel. Puller No. 114-950-Ml fits all 1970 Stiletto flywheels. Puller No. 115-970 fits all Pioneers and Plonkers from 1968 to 1972 and 1968, 1969, and 1971 Stilettos.

4. Screw the puller into the threads provided in the magneto flywheel. It is important that the center bolt of the puller be backed out far enough to allow the puller to be screwed in all the way, or five to six turns. Failure to do this can result in the threads being destroyed on the puller, or the flywheel, or both.

5. To turn the center bolt of the puller, use a 12mm box end wrench or socket. Turn the bolt clockwise until the flywheel is freed from

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