a plastic or rawhide mallet. Torque the fork tube pinch bolts to 10 ft. lbs. Torque the 8 mm steering shaft Allen pinch bolt to 15 ft. lbs. Torque the 27 mm nut on the top yoke to 35 ft. lbs.

27. Reinstall the handlebars on the top yoke. Start all four of the 6 mm handlebar Allen clamp bolts and run them down evenly until they are snug. Position the bars where you want them, then torque the bolts evenly to 10 f t. lbs.

28. Route the front brake cable down to the brake assembly. Put the end of the outer cable into the stop on the brake backing plate. Lift the brake arm upward as far as possible and slip the nipple of the cable into the end of the arm. Adjust the brake with the thumb screw adjuster on the handlebar lever.

29. Remove the 25 mm stanchion nut from the right fork tube. Pour 190 - 200 cc's of Full Bore SAE 80 Racing Gear Box Oil, or SAE 30 motor oil into the right fork leg.

30. Chapter 1 of this Part (Part D) of this Manual describes changing the fork oil. The last nine paragraphs of that chapter describe the proper method for servicing the ball checks which are fitted inside each stanchion nut. Refer to that chapter for information pertaining to these ball checks.

31. Pioneer models only. Place the speedo-meter bracket on top of the right fork tube and push the stanchion nut through it. Thread the nut as far as you can by hand, or at least two or three turns, before using a wrench on it. Torque it to 50 ft. lbs. while holding the speedometer bracket in place.

32. Remove the left stanchion plug and pour the correct amount of appropriate oil into the left fork leg. Install the nut and torque it to 50 ft. lbs.

33. Put the fuel tank breather hose back into the end of the steering shaft.

34. On Pioneer models, connect the speedometer cable to the drive unit on the front wheel.

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