FIG. 179

Install a new "0" ring, Part No. OLI-8114-11, in the groove on the bottom of the damper pedestal. (Fig. 180) Use a dab of grease to hold it in place if necessary.

12. Put a light film of oil on the oil seals and the lower half of the fork tube. Insert the tube into the slider leg, pushing it in until the damper assembly bottoms on the inside of the slider leg.

13. Thoroughly clean the threads of the Allen bolt that secures the damper to the slider leg. Place the lock washer on the bolt first and then the thick flat washer. Hold the fork assembly as shown in Fig. 181 and insert the bolt up through the hole in the slider and thread it into the damper assembly. Tighten the bolt securely.

NOTE: If the screw will not tighten because the damper rotates along with the screw, locate an old engine case screw, or any other 6 mm bolt that has 6 mm x 1 threads, and is threaded more than 3/4". Grind the end of it to a point and then screw it into the drain hole in the bottom of the slider leg. Turn it in until you feel it touch the pedestal, then turn it 1/2 turn further. Now you will be able to tighten the Allen screw securely as the damper assembly cannot turn. Remove the pointed screw from the drain hole and install the drain plug screw, making sure that the fiber washer that goes beneath it is in good condition.

14. Repeat this assembly process for the other fork assembly.

FIG. 180

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