FIG. 177

5. Keep downward pressure on the assembly for several minutes, until the pedestal cools enough to become tight on the shaft.

6. Clean the fork tube thoroughly and slide the whole damper assembly back up into it. Install a new snap ring on the bottom end of the tube with the square edge of the snap ring facing the bottom of the tube.

NOTE: These snap rings keep the front wheel on the forks when the front end is raised off the ground. If the rings are put in backwards, and they pop out of their grooves, the front wheel, with slider legs attached, could drop off the forks.

7. Thoroughly clean each slider leg with solvent and blow it dry. Apply some grease to the outside of a new seal and set it in place with the open side of the seal facing the bottom of the slider leg.

8. Locate a large socket that has an outside diameter slightly smaller than that of the seal. Place a short extension in the socket and use it

FIG. 178

as a drift to drive the seal into place. Tap the socket gently, using only enough force to slowly move the seal into its mounting boss. (Fig. 178)

9. . Repeat this process with the second seal, being careful not to damage either one. Once they are fully inserted, replace the retaining snap ring, installing it With its sharp edge facing upward. (Fig. 179)

10. Check the condition of the "0" ring, Part No. OLI-8114-10, on the 25 mm stanchion nut. If it is cut or damaged in any way, replace it. Slide the fork spring down into the top of the fork tube, insert the stanchion nut, and turn it two or three turns by hand.

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