Section 4:

Reassembling the Forks

1. First, the damper assembly must be reassembled. Place the damper piston on the damper shaft with the recessed end of the piston facing the bottom of the shaft as shown in Fig. 175. Install a new snap ring in its groove with the square edge of the ring facing outward. See Part A, Chapter 2, Section 3, Paragraph 13, for explanation of proper snap ring installation.

2. Hold the shaft upside down and drop the rebound spring down onto the piston.

FIG. 175

3. Install the damper valve disc next, with the crimped spring washer facing away from the rebound spring. (Fig. 176) Next goes the aluminum valve disc washer, then place the damper cylinder on the shaft so that the aluminum washer can fit into the recess on one end of the cylinder.

FIG. 176

4. If you have not done so, remove the rubber washer, Part No. OLI-8115-11, from the inside of the damper pedestal. Drop a new one into place and set the pedestal upright on a flat, hard surface. With a propane torch, warm the pedestal to 150-2000 F. (Fig. 177) At that point, insert the bottom end of the damper shaft into the pedestal, pushing it all the way down until it is fully seated.

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