5. Thoroughly clean the upper bearing dust shield and felt washer and pack the washer with bearing grease.

6. Slide the steering shaft up into the steering head from the bottom.

7. Place the felt washer and dust cover over the end of the steering shaft and then thread the steering shaft collar nut onto the shaft, turning it all the way down by hand.

8. With a mallet and punch, tighten the collar 1/8 of a turn by slightly driving the punch against the edge of one of the notches on the nut (Fig. 173) With a plastic or rawhide mallet, sharply tap the center of the bottom yoke upward and tap the top of the steering

FIG. 173

FIG. 174

shaft downward. Then swing the bottom yoke back and forth. If it feels too tight, loosen the collar nut until it turns free. If it feels loose, tighten the nut another 1/8 turn, tap both ends of the steering shaft, and check again for freezes of movement. Repeat this until the desired setting is reached. It may be necessary to readjust the steering bearings after the front end has been assembled.

9. Install the top fork yoke in place over the steering shaft and screw the 27 mm nut down on top of it. Do not tighten the nut at this point.

10. Locate the four 10 mm fender mount nuts and bolts. Clean all of their threads

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