Section 3:

Reassembly of the Steering Components

1. Thoroughly clean the steering head on the frame. If you are reusing the steering bearings, clean them thoroughly and blow them dry with compressed air. Check the bearing surfaces very closely. If there are any signs of wear on the races or rollers, replace the bearing.

2. Install the outer steering races into the steering head by tapping them gently into place with a brass or copper faced mallet. (Fig. 171) Be careful to drive the races in straight; otherwise, if they become canted they could distort the steering head.

FIG. 171

3. If you had removed the inner race of the lower steering bearing, you must now replace it. First, install a new dust shield down over the steering shaft. Saturate the felt washer with bearing grease and put it into position on the dust cover.

4. Thoroughly pack the steering bearing rollers with bearing grease. Set the bearing down over the shaft and push it as far as it will go with your fingers. Locate a length of pipe that is larger than the steering shaft and has an inside diameter just slightly larger than the outside diameter of the shaft. Slip the pipe down over the shaft until it contacts the inner race of the bearing. Then tap the end of the pipe with a mallet until the bearing is fully seated on the bottom yoke. (Fig. 172)

FIG. 172

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