the disc. It should be bent away from the disc in only two places, 1800 across from each other, and held in place by two stake marks on the lip of the disc. If this valve disc shows any sign of fatigue or damage, replace it, as this could seriously affect the dampening characteristics of the forks.

9. To disassemble the damper assembly, you must first remove the aluminum pedestal from the damper shaft. To do this, locate one of the axle pinch bolts that secures the axle in the fork slider leg. Remove the nut and washers from the bolt and then thread it into the base of the pedestal as far as it will go.

FIG. 170

10. Place the whole damper assembly back into the bottom of the fork tube but do not install the snap ring. Hold the tube upside down and tap the head of the bolt with a mallet until the damper shaft is driven off the pedestal. (Fig. 170)

11. Remove the damper assembly from the fork tube and remove the bolt from the damper shaft. All the damper components can now be slid off the shaft with the exception of the damper piston located at the top of the shaft. To remove it, simply take off the snap ring that retains the piston and slide it down off the shaft.

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