The Pioneer fork springs should measure 17.36" - 17.48".

The Stiletto fork springs should measure 17.59" - 17.71".

The Plonker front fork springs should measure 17.0 - 17.12".

5. Slide the rubber dust shield off the fork and closely inspect it. (Fig. 167) If it is worn, cracked, or cut, or if it had been allowing dirt to enter the area above the oil seals, discard the shield and replace it with a new one.

FIG. 167

Measure the free length of the rebound spring. It should be no less than 1.0". If it measures less than this, replace it. (Fig. 168)

8. The damper valve disc is the large, washer type disc that has eight holes drilled through it. On its underside there is a thin spring wave washer pinned to a lip on the disc. (Fig. 169) Check this washer for cracks or looseness on

FIG. 168

6. To remove the damper assembly from the center of the fork tube, use a pair of internal snap ring pliers to remove the snap ring from the bottom of the tube. Then pull downward on the damper assembly to extract it from the tube.

7. There are two items on the damper assembly that should be checked carefully: the rebound spring and the damper valve disc.

FIG. 169

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