Section 2:

Disassembly of the Forks

1. Using a 6 mm Alien wrench, remove the Alien bolt from the bottom of the fork leg. This bolt is located in a recessed hole drilled in the very bottom of the leg.

NOTE: This Allen bolt is threaded into an aluminum pedestal on the damper assembly inside the fork. Sometimes the pedestal will turn with the bolt, keeping it from being removed. If this happens, locate a 6 mm screw or bolt that has 6 mm x 1 threads and is threaded a distance of more than 3/4". Grind the end of it to a point as shown in Fig. 165. Then screw it into the fork oil drain hole until you feel it touch the pedestal. Turn the screw 1/2 turn further. The pedestal will now be locked in place and the Allen screw can be removed. (Fig. 166) After removing the Allen screw, remove the pointed bolt from the drain hole.

FIG. 165

FIG. 166

2. Grasp the slider leg in one hand, the fork tube in the other. Separate the two with a sharp pull.

3. To remove the oil seals, first remove their snap ring retainers with a pair of internal snap ring pliers. Pry both the seals loose with a large screwdriver and remove them from the slider leg. When prying the seals loose, be careful not to gouge or damage the slider leg with the screwdriver.

4. Remove the 25 mm stanchion nut from the fork tube. Remove the fork spring and measure it.

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