plastic mallet, gently tap the upper fork yoke up and off the steering stem. (Fig. 161 )

10. Remove the four 10 mm bolts and nuts securing the front fender. On Pioneer models they also fasten the horn and ignition switch brackets.

FIG. 161

11. Loosen the steering shaft collar nut. (Fig. 162) This can usually be turned by gently tapping it counterclockwise with a blunt end punch and mallet.

12. Remove the collar nut and lift it and the metal dust shield beneath it off the steering shaft. There is also a felt washer on the underside of the dust shield.

13. Tap the top of the steering shaft gently with a soft faced mallet to start it moving down through the bearings. Grasp the lower yoke and pull it down and out of the steering head.

FIG. 162

14. The inner race, cage and rollers of the upper steering bearing will remain in place. Just lift them off and put them aside.

15. The inner race, cage and rollers of the lower steering bearing will remain on the steering shaft of the bottom yoke. If you need to replace this bearing, put the bottom yoke upside down in a vise and tap the bearing off, using a large punch or drift pin. Just hammer alternately, first on one side of the dust shield and then the other, until the inner race is driven off the steering shaft. (Fig. 163)

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