NOTE: The removal of this bearing requires that it be pried off using pressure beneath its outer race. However, it is mounted to the crankshaft by means of a slight press fit at its inner race. This means that the side loading caused by the prying is totally absorbed by the balls in the bearing. This loading can microscopically mar the races or the balls and cause premature failure of the bearing. For this reason, do not reuse the primary side main bearing once it has been pried off the crankshaft.

10. If any shimming washers were fitted between the primary side main bearing and the flywheel, remove them from the crank and tag them.



Section 1:

Repairing The Crankshaft Assembly

1. All of the repairs that would be necessary on an OSSA crankshaft require the use of quite a few special tools. First, a press with a capacity of at least 15 tons is needed. A fixture for pressing apart the flywheels is required, along with a very special alignment jig for pressing them together. A set of machinists centers fitted with two dial indicators are also needed to check for alignment after reassembly of the crankshaft. For these reasons, we strongly recommend that you give the crankshaft to your OSSA dealer for repair. If he does not have the equipment to do it, he can send it to the OSSA distributor where a complete duplicate set of factory assembly line tools is used to facilitate any or all crankshaft repairs.

2. The crankshaft can be said to need repairs when:

A. The connecting rod is damaged.
B. The flywheels are not aligned within the given tolerances.
C. When either flywheel is damaged.
D. When the connecting rod, crankpin and bearing are worn or damaged.
E. When the connecting rod's small end (wristpin) hole is worn or damaged.
3. The crankshaft flywheels must be in near perfect alignment to assure prooer bearing and seal life, engine balance and ignition timing. If a set of machinists centers or a reasonable substitute is available, mount the crankshaft in them as shown in Figure 21. Measured at the

FIG. 21

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