5. Plonker Models. Remove the 10 mm bolts securing the front fender and speedometer unit to the fork legs.

6. Loosen, but do not remove the 25 mm stanchion nuts. There are eight Allen bolts that clamp the fork tubes firmly into the yokes. Using a 6 mm Allen wrench, loosen all eight of these bolts two or three turns each. (Fig. 159)

FIG. 159

7. Grasp one of the fork legs by the tube below the bottom yoke and while twisting it back and forth, pull it down and out of the yokes. (Fig. 160) It may take a light tap on the stanchion nut with a rawhide or plastic mallet to start the tube moving. Repeat with the other fork tube.

FIG. 160

8. Remove the handlebars by loosening and removing the four Allen screws on the handlebar clamps with a 6 mm Allen wrench. You may either allow the cables to remain attached to the handlebars and swing them out of the way or you can remove the controls and switches from them and take them off the machine entirely.

9. Remove the fuel tank breather tube from the center of the steering stem. Loosen and remove the 27 mm nut on the top of the upper fork yoke. (A 1-1/16" American socket will suffice.) Loosen the 8 mm Allen pinch bolt on the top fork yoke. With a rawhide or

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