FIG. 147

approximately 6000 R.P.M. The DC voltmeter should read -approximately 30 to 34 DC volts at that engine speed. (Fig. 148) If it does not, check the red wire for breaks or places where the insulation may have rubbed through. Check it all the way down to where it enters the epoxy on the magneto stator. If the red wire is not defective, replace the magneto.

6. Connect the red wire and the purple wire back together, but leave the DC voltmeter lead attached to the connector. Again accelerate the engine to 6000 R.P.M. with the light switch in the "off" position. The meter should read 30 to 32 DC volts. (Fig. 149)

7. Turn the lights on. At 6000 R.P.M. the

FIG. 148

FIG. 149

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