FIG. 19

5. If the transmission mainshaft bearing or layshaft bushing in the primary side engine case are to be removed for replacement, do so now while the cases are still heated. The bearing can be removed by pushing or gently tapping it with a plastic or rawhide mallet. The bushing should be removed in the same manner, using a drift to tap it out.

6. To remove the bearinqs and bushings from the magneto side engine case, heat the case in the same manner as the primary side case. When it is sufficiently warm, gently tap the bearings from their mounts using a mallet and a suitable drift.

7. The layshaft bushing in the magneto side case is in a hole that does not go all the way through the case. To remove it, turn the case so that the bushing is facing downward toward the top of a wooden bench. Tap the case gently against the bench. If the cases are sufficiently warm and you strike the top of the bench squarely with the inner edge of the case, the bushing will fall out with two or three taps.

8. To remove either of the crankshaft seals or the transmission drive bearing seals, lightly tap them with a mallet and suitable drift, pushing them out from inside the cases. An easy way to make a drift for this is to locate a 3/8" or 1/2" drive socket whose outside diameter is just slightly smaller than that of the seal. Fit an extension to the socket and use a soft faced mallet to neatly tap the seals from their mounts.

9. If the main bearing must be removed from the primary side of the crankshaft, it can be pried loose using two large screwdrivers or two pry bars as shown in Figure 20.

FIG. 20

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