FIG. 144

less than 9 nor more than 12 ohms. On Pioneer and Plonker models, the reading in either direction should be no less than 17 nor more than 20 ohms.

9. Next, clip one lead of the ohmmeter to the blue wire and touch the other lead to ground. Read the meter; then do the same with the black wire. Both wires should read from 235 to 280 ohms.

10. If any tests of the magneto stator wires showed a reading not within these tolerances, remove the flywheel and stator. Inspect the wires coming from the stator for breaks or places where the case or flywheel may have rubbed through the insulation. Check the mounting areas of the stator for corrosion that would prevent its proper grounding to the case. If the wires are not damaged, replace the magneto assembly.

11. Care should be taken when handling the magneto flywheel to avoid dropping it or striking it sharply with a solid object, either of which could cause its permanent magnets to lose some of their magnetism. To check the magnets, lay the blade of a screwdriver across the surface of each magnet and then lift the screwdriver up and away from it. On the Pioneer and Plonker all six magnets should feel equally strong. On the Stiletto, TT and DMR, five of them will feel equally strong and one of them will be considerably stronger. If the flywheel fails this test, replace the magneto assembly.

12. Further checking of the ignition components requires specialized. equipment such as an oscilloscope. For this reason, if the ignition still fails to produce sufficient spark, the best practical method for repair is to first substitute a new coil for the one on the machine. If the spark is then sufficient, you will, of course, know that the old coil is no good. If you still get no spark or weak spark, reinstall the old coil and repeat this process of substitution with the magneto.

13. STROBE TIMING. If the motorcycle runs, but it lacks power and gives erratic spark plug readings, it is possible that the magneto is producing sufficient spark, but is doing so at the wrong time, even though the magneto has been timed properly with the timing pin and dial indicator. This can easily be checked stroboscopically with an automobile type timing light.

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