My Offroad Heaven
Mats Nyberg, Järfälla, Sweden


This year I had bought a bike for each of my two sons so we all could ride  together. A 1978 OSSA trial and a 1978 Maico 250 MC. Unfortunately the Maico seized the  second day my oldest son was not very happy. The plan was to ride  the Maico last summer but I couöld not finish it in time. So he waited  1 more year for this off road vacation.
I felt so sorry for him that I had to lend him my trusty old 1969, even though I had to tighten the clutch springs after his ride.

Cédric on my -69 Enduro

Me and 2 million mosquitos (myggjävlar!) tightening the cluth!

William  on his 1978 Trial (Only 4-speeds working)

Mats, the champ.

Hasse, my brother flying at 93 kph on his Crescent Compact moped (60 cc 4-speed Sachs)

Every summer these last 3 years I have used my OSSA only once a year. I usually take 1-2 weeks vacation just after midsummer and leave Stockholm to go up north to the deep forests and midnight sun.
Lots of logging roads, soft sand by the river gorge and you are all alone!!
And you can drive 24 hours a day-the sun never sets!

11 o'clock at night and still daylight!! You don't get that in California!

I will not tell you were it is, I am afraid of an invasion of german offroad riders. You are not allowed to ride offroad in Sweden but as long as we are not to many-no big problem with the law.

Mats Nyberg, Järfälla, Sweden

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