Norman Worthington,County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Hi Mats,
My name is Norman Worthington from Northern Ireland. I have just purchased a scruffy, but complete 250 MAR.
I am from County Antrim in Northern Ireland and currently own 3 twin shock trials bikes, amongst others.
They are:-
1. 1980/81 349 Montesa (in need of restoration)
2. 1972/73 250 MAR Ossa (in need of restoration)
3. 1978 TY 250 Yamaha in very good totally original condition.

Having just purchased the MAR, I am now concerned about being able to restore it to a reasonable standard due to the apparent poor availability of parts, at least within the UK. The silencer part of the exhaust is missing, and the RHS flywheel cover has been broken and a bodge repair carried out. A mikuni carb is fitted, which I doubt was standard on 1972 Spanish machines, and I suspect that the fuel tank will have at least one leak when I get round to putting fuel in it!

Norman Worthington, Northern Ireland

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