Murray Grant, Perth, Western Australia.

2 dec 2001
 Hi Mats

I have restored a 1969 Ossa Stiletto that I purchased as a complete basket case. I would appreciate if you could put these photos on your homepage as there doesn't seem to be any Australia input on your site.
I compete with this motorcycle at our Western Australia Vintage Club, pre 70 over 50 years of age class, being the only Ossa in our very active Vintage scene.

Having never owned or raced an Ossa before, I am amazed at the power and performance. I have changed to a Mikuni from the original IRS, which was beyond repair. I also found a hooker expansion chamber which I haven't
tried, as yet.
I love my Stiletto and am now looking for a Phantom to restore. I have already acquired two Stilettos; two Pioneers; one SDR; two MAR 250; one MAR 350 and one 1969 Plonker 250 but NO Phantoms!
The Ossa virus has struck!

Many thanks,
Murray Grant, Perth, Western Australia

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Mats Nyberg